A somewhat formal Introduction

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    • A somewhat formal Introduction

      Bonjourno Bro's!

      My name is Brody, most people know me as Mr Lung Butter! I make YouTube videos of myself and my friends playing video games with plenty of twists and laughs. Pretty much what Felix does minus the 31 million subscribers! Regardless of the subscriber number we all have, I'm on the internet to connect with you guys! If I wasn't having as much fun and connecting with all you amazing people I wouldn't be doing this at all. I know pretty much all the YouTuber's say something like this, but it's true. Once you start to experience it for yourself you'll know exactly what I'm saying.

      I made an account here to connect a little more with this amazing community, also because PewDiePie made myself and lots of close people around me almost piss ourselves countless times! Felix is one of my inspirations to what I do on the internet as a Content Creator. He's a perfect example that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and a positive attitude to turn nothing into something larger than anyone thought possible.

      So there's my small, semi formal introduction! Feel free to reply to me if I say things and stuff, I'm a friendly person and I won't bite. Ill do my best to reply back and connect with all you sexy beasts. As Pewds always says I say to you too, BROFIST!


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