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    • The Problem Solver

      Hello Bros :)

      So I love helping people out, giving them advice and keeping them on track is something I spend a long time doing.. Which is why I decided to make this thread! It's a normal average thread that gives you the ability to talk about your problems and ask advice, it doesn't only have to be my advice it could be another bro! It's kind of a little advice forum for bros who need a kick start in life! If you need to ask personal question feel free to private message me and I will do my absolute best to help you! 8)

      So obviously there are stupid people out there which is why I am putting up some "rules"
      1. No inappropriate questions ( ex; Can I have your number?)
      2. Do NOT try to pry in to other peoples life
      3. Do not create drama
      4. No spams and stupid things
      5. No insulting/swearing at other people
      6. Do no compare or complain about someone else's question
      Lastly you are not allowed to ask for personal information (cause that would be completely stupid || )

      There you have it bros :) this thread is mainly for you bros to ensure and help each other! Cause not only do we support pewds but we have to support each other especially in our times of need. So don't hesitate to ask question, but try not to give out too much information and if you feel uncomfortable with asking everyone like I said don't hesitate to private message me! I definitely won't judge any one on their problems

      ImagineTheDemon going Offline :brofist: