The Pewdiepie Time

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    • The Pewdiepie Time

      Hello fellow Bros!

      I have always been a huge fan of Pewdiepie, I just honestly loved everything he did and he brought a smile to my face every time.. Which is why I am trying to repay him.
      I want Pewdiepie to read this Forum and smile .. i want him to know that we all support (which he already knows but still)! SO I decided to make a thread about him. This thread is going to be like a thank you message from all the bros, all you have to do is say something you are thankful about towards Pewdiepie! And also I want you bros to chat and connect with a me too as a fellow bro :)

      So! I will start out this thread

      Pewdiepie is amazing he helped me through most of my phases... Honestly there are times where I didn't feel like myself but all I had to so was talk about Pewdiepie with someone and watch some of his videos and honestly I'd be up and happy again! Pewdiepie has suddenly become a huge part of my life and I can't help but obsess over him and everything he does :) Thank you Pewdiepie.. :brofist: