"Pewdiepies jargong stänger ute kvinnor". Kommentar på den här krönikan pewdiepie? eller från andra svenska fans?

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    • So, I don't speak your language, but I used translate to English and got the gist of what the article was trying to say.

      I don't, at all, feel left out as a female bro. I don't feel like he targets his jokes or whatever more at men than at women. I think Felix just makes his jokes, and whoever finds it funny, will find it funny. I happen to find a lot of his jokes hilarious, including jokes that are made about specific women. This article seems to target the video where he sculptures Nicki's butt. But...I don't know what this woman is even trying to say.

      One of the sentences translated to "ultimately impossible to feel included as a female subscriber." I don't feel that way at all.

      Honestly, some people are just incredibly sensitive. And I really hate to say this, being a woman myself, but women do tend to be a little bit more sensitive about these sort of things, so it doesn't surprise me at all that there's an article out there making it sound like Felix's videos leave out women fans.
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    • I don't feel left out as a female subscriber either. Society has always made jokes about women. It is a thing you can't get rid of. Men will make boob jokes and stuff about women and women will make dick jokes about me. Such is the cycle of life.
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