You Really Helped

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    • You Really Helped

      Dear Pewds :pewdie: , My name is Nolan 8) and i have been the biggest bro since the barrels :barrel: first struck! I had a medical condition known as intracranial hypertension :( . Watching your videos were the only thing that made me laugh :D and helped me forget about the pain ;( . since then i have had multiple spinal taps to relieve the problem and thankfully am now better :thumbsup: . But i have not nor will i ever forget how much you helped me :saint: . I know your really busy making awesome videos for all your bros :) :) :) but if i could have the chance to thank you in person through chatroullete or omegle it would be the greatest moment in my life ^^ . From your Bro, from the bottom of my heart <3 , thanks.

      :brofist: "brofist" :brofist: