How's it goin Poods!

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    • How's it goin Poods!

      Hey how's it going Poods! Brofist from Indonesia :brofist: !!
      it's been a long time !
      Just want to congratulate you for your MLG Podcast!
      It's been amazing adventure watched ur vids, and now you're here. Being a famous Youtuber. :D :thumbsup:

      Well i don't know if you are really read this or not, nor i dont really care.
      Well youve been inspiring a lot of people. When i was younger i never thought Gaming will be litterally a "JOB"
      but you crack those!, i know youre not the first one or the trendsetter. BUT 30 million!? WTF MAN LOL

      In my opinion its just a GOD GIFT from for making over 30 million people smile everyday!!
      okay poods, just want to say hello.. STAY AWESOME BRO!! Dont forget to pray!
      send my best regards for Marzia also!

      :brofist: BROFIST :brofist:

      Best Regards, From [b][color=#FF0000]INDONESIA[/color][/b]!!
      :brofist: :thumbup: :thumbsup: