Fate the Card Game

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    • Fate the Card Game

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      In short, this is like the Rock, Paper, Scissors of the forum game world. What you need to do is get a download called the Magic Set Editor, and then make your own cards. You need 5 cards to join in a battle, and one main, powerful card, and 4 other cards, whether they are support cards or 4 more powerful cards, to support your main card.

      How this works is that we do 10 minutes battle sessions, that we join in and post our cards that WE make. After the 10 minutes are up you can talk, until we do another 10 minute battle session.

      You make the ability unique for all 5 of them. Then you post them, but don't double post unless a card you post allows it. You can make cards to fuck with already posted cards, or be able to fuck with cards that have yet to be posted. The better ability a card has at the end, that trumps all other cards wins.

      To make it more interesting, each winner of every 10 minute session will have one the choice of one of their cards being placed in a folder, and when we have a full set, have that being the actual, official "Fate the Card Game" game that we can send to others.

      Here is an example of one of my own cards that you cannot use.

      To join just download the following link below:
      Download | Magic Set Editor
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    • xxxxein wrote:

      i dont have anyone to attack yet so here's some tank and an edgar lol

      In this card game there are no stats, just unique ability types. Think of it like you're making a card game with only magic based cards that have no character or monster types in them. Your above cards won't work.

      Plus you are to never show your cards to people until you battle.