Hello!/Hi!/Hullo!/Non-Bye!/Hola/Avast Ye Mateys Bros!

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    • Hello!/Hi!/Hullo!/Non-Bye!/Hola/Avast Ye Mateys Bros!

      Hello n' Friends I am Doc_Awes and to answer your first question, no I will not heal your broken neck, I am a Doc not a Doctor. Big Difference. Also, Awes at the end of my name obviously comes from awesyouintosubmission#boss and not awesome. The _ is just _ do not get any ideas of where it came from for it comes from nothing but _. I am a barrel, for I didn't post here before posting elsewhere, so you will likely me see me rolling around in dah forumz looking for my pet Googley Turtle Dragon, you know what that is? No? Well then let me tell you, a Googley Turtle Dragon is a giant pink bunny with a turtles shell and dragon wings if you find it please tell me for last time he got loose he at to many donuts and got really fat and had to go on Biggest Loser. I am finished typing now but before I end I must add one last thing.

      BROFIS- No that was what you were expecting isn't it? So I won't put one despite it being what I should do.
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      BROFIST :brofist: (Couldn't resist...)
      I am looking for my Googley Turtle Dragon, his name is Geo-Gorge, anyone seen him?