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    • So, how to start this thread off? Well, I suppose one of my recent works would be a good start.
      Feel free to leave comments in the thread - but remember to be constructive with criticism, not rude.
      If you're curious about commissions, just message me; I don't bite much.

      Warning - Overly long description but rather important

      This is a drawing I did of someone rather amazing. Her name was/is Katrina Willard. You have probably never heard of her and I honestly feel bad for you. I was lucky enough to know and work with her when she was alive. She was a young, vibrant Australian woman. She was born early and as a result, had health issues that she kept quiet most of her life. The news reported that she was in a car accident, which is not entirely true. She went into cardiac arrest at the wheel, crossed three lanes on a rather busy road, managing to avoid hitting anyone else before colliding with an overhead bridge support.

      I did this portrait as a gift to her brother, who is an equally amazing person. This is how I remember her. She always seemed to be smiling, even if it was just in a “You’re a complete idiot” sort of way. She was a force to be reckoned with. Highly intelligent, helpful, opinionated, charming and witty. The world is a much poorer, duller, stupider place without her. She was both humanitarian and animal rights activist, having recently become vegetarian.

      I don’t have some heroic tale to tell or a way to compare this tragedy to all the many things that are completely wrong about this world (which Katrina would discuss at length with to anyone who would listen). All I know is I feel like I need to share her story. Truly cherish the ones around you. Don’t put off hanging out with your friends. Don’t assume there will be another time. Make sure those you love know without doubt they make your universe wonderful and bright.

      The last time I saw Katrina she made me laugh and I hugged her for it. That is the only consolation I have after losing a good friend. I urge you all, go hug someone you love right now. Please. Also, here’s a link to the Heart Foundation if you want to donate to help those with heart conditions: Heart Foundation Home

      Drawn and coloured on Manga Studio

      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3

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    • Thank you TheSoulSmiles. That's very true. I always enjoy seeing different art forms, usually because it's inspirational and makes me want to create more :3

      This next drawing had something incredible happen to it that made my entire year so much better; Pewds actually featured it. For me, it's a big deal that someone who makes me laugh and smile on a daily basis with his antics was able to enjoy something that I had created for him. So here it is. The drawing I did for PewDiePie's playthrough of InFamous: Second Son, using the awesome attack Comet Drop. And yes, I did use Iron Man as a reference pose :P

      And here is a photo of my TV from when I found out Pewds had used it at one of the intros :P

      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3

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    • Thank you both so much :)

      This next drawing is one of my favourite pieces. It's of Granmamare and Fujimoto from the Studio Ghibli film, Ponyo. I think their relationship is super cute. He freaks out over everything and she has this incredible way of soothing him entirely. I always envisioned their love would be so sweet and pure.

      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3
    • I haven't really gotten anything super recent yet due to procrastination and the amount of work I have in progress but hopefully I should have something pretty cool to show you all soon. At least, I think it's cool. It's probably really lame but we'll find out :P

      Now it's time for me to show some more of my love for Disney. This is Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and she's easily one of my favourite Disney women and has been since I was a little girl. From her fierce beauty, sassy attitude, right down to her compassion and ability to see beauty in all things.

      Drawn and coloured in Manga Studio

      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3
    • Thank you Jirou_Chan but with lots of practice it would be super easy to surpass me. I've seen people who have never drawn professionally in their life pick up a pencil and create something incredible which makes me green with envy :).

      And now to introduce a fairly old piece, but one I will always be proud of. It just came out much nicer than I had expected :3.

      Subject: Anette Olzon {ex Nightwish vocalist}
      Medium: 2B lead pencil


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    • Thank you TallGuy10. Anyone can do what I do. It simply takes dedication and practice. And I am still learning as it is. I've been at it for about 6 years now.

      Just got the okay from one of the mods {RitualLobotomy} to post some of my slightly more gruesome work, so here is Morticia Addams. Well, a very twisted version of her anyway. I love her as a character. The way she commands Gomez's attention with just a glance. She is glamorous, dark, mysterious and rather funny.

      Hidden beneath a spoiler, just in case some of you don't like what you see.

      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3