I am a person so don't hate

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    • I am a person so don't hate

      So I actually joined a few days ago, but never actually realized I was supposed to say something here first, so.... hey :/ So if you really want to know more about me, here are a few basic things about me. (If you don't care who I am then you don't have to keep reading.) I had planned on becoming a YouTuber just this Summer, but I got really busy with Summer assignments for my numerous AP Classes at school. YA I KNOW I'M A NERD DON'T HATE but what's really ironic and slightly amusing is that a lot of people actually mistake me for a guy, when I'm actually a girl. It's understandable, considering the username I use for just about everything, and the fact that I'm so mature and experienced with certain games (Not to mention people are surprised [for who the heck knows why] to find that I do not give a single f*ck about boy bands.). I'm freakishly intelligent DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT (but don't call me stupid either, it drives me up the wall) and I will admit I make mistakes sometimes (actually pretty frequently) but so does everyone, it's not my fault I have so much homework I only get a few hours of sleep every other night. As hilarious as it is, AP Computer Science is the only elective I've actually had any real fun with ever since I started High School- or really, school in general. Which is weird because I thought Drama would be awesome last year, but my senile teacher sorta sucked all the fun out of it. From now on I think I'll do my acting on my own terms. But ya, basically I've been a big fan of Pewds for a little over a year now, and as embarrassing (and possibly slightly depressing) as it sounds, I actually developed about 70% of my sense of humor from him. Even my parents have noticed I seem unusually normal, which is a bit redundant, but if you'd known me for a few years, you'd know that with me, "normal" is not normal. When I was a kid, my attempts at being funny were futile, and most of the time I was just throwing blanks, hoping someone would laugh. They laughed all right, but AT me, not WITH me, and the bullying got pretty bad. I probably could have had a decent life, but when I was in elementary school a few girls a bit younger than me told me I was popular, and I yelled at them and told them I wasn't, and got really offended. That may sound odd to you, but as an 8-year-old, my definition of "popular" was mean, and spoiled, and that was the LAST thing I wanted to be. After all, my single mother was (and still is) a bit overprotective, and never really let me leave home to go make friends, and she wouldn't let me have friends over, because she was still in school, and studying. (She was in nursing school at the time.) Basically, the only place I could learn any social skills was from TV, which as you may know, is a bit counter-productive. My dad, who I was only allowed to visit over the Summer when school was out, introduced me to gaming. My mom was p*ssed, because she was convinced that only Barbies and that plastic cr*p could make me a "decent kid." Her idea of a sweet little girl was very shallow and narrow-minded. I think she was encouraging me to grow up to be a b*tch, but I wouldn't have it. I've been a strong opposer of bullying for years now, which, in a sense, makes me the polar opposite of my parents, who tend to appall and disgust me every other month. They even grounded me for having a bad acne breakout once, and said that it was my fault I didn't have friends. First off, if people refuse to be friends with someone over a skin problem almost every teen deals with, I don't think I'd want to be their friend anyway. The reason I don't have "friends" is because I never have the time to actually socialize. I mainly only have "acquaintances," because I'm always so busy with schoolwork. (Speaking of schoolwork, it's 11:15 at night and I have roughly 5 hours of homework to get done.) And second, how the heck can I control a hormone-related acne breakout? And in what universe (besides South Park) is it reasonable to ground your kid for the way they look? (Unless they decide to run down the street naked. Then you should be a little concerned.) Anyway, I need to stop getting sidetracked with a social life, it's kinda wasting my time. Goodnight, I hope you bros get to know me pretty well. If you want to know anything more about me, just send me a message or something, and maybe we can be bros :thumbsup: (which would be a bit akward , considering I'm a girl- lol how does this work again?) And don't hate. Just, seriously. Don't be a barrel. :barrel: Anyway night fellow Pewdie fans ^^ :brofist: