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    • Okuu wrote:

      ZombieARCY wrote:

      Okuu wrote:

      I think it might be fun to watch for a couple of videos, but it tends to get very repetitive fast and might get boring due to that.

      I'd still watch it. The Sims games are always entertaining. With glitches and what not the game can be pretty comical.

      Would you still watch through hours of mining and just killing off random common mobs? ._.

      There's more to it then that. But I would yea. Death is a common thing on Terraria. Just like DarkSouls.
    • Yea but in Terraria you can see and spot things carefully than dark souls. you have a better chance of survival in terraria and its really cool to either see pewds or his online youtuber friends play it, cuz they can build stuff and play it togheter. in dark souls...heh...the most ranked amount of Death over all games...but its still funny to see people rage xD