Im AntoNella. A big HELLO to all bros out there!

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    • Im AntoNella. A big HELLO to all bros out there!

      Hello BroArmy!
      Im so glad that i finally signed in here. I cant wait to meet you awesome guys out there.

      So my Name is AntoNella and im from the capital of Germany, Berlin. Im almost 20 years old. My Nickname is also my third Name, so you can call me Antonella. ;)
      Im a very creative person and like to do all this creative stuff, just like drawing, fotography, graphic-design, filming and much more. And gaming of course.

      My first PewDiePie video was Year Walk and hell i was scared. But i couldnt stop watching and watched more and more videos. Right now im almost watching Pewds Videos for 2 years and i like every single one. It is so amazing that one person can create such a huge community of nice people, who all like the same thing.
      So i cant wait to meet some of you.
      If you want to know something or ask a question, fell free to ask.
      Stay awesome! :thumbsup:
    • Hi you two :)
      Nice to meet you too.

      I heard about DeviantArt just a few weeks ago. And a friend recommended this page. So i havent a page there, but soon i will. I have a blog, wich is in german, but there you can see some of my photos. Sadly the blog isnt very updated, because im very busy with my schooling (VinetaFreaks Fotos). But i think soon i will upload some of my drawings and also graphic-manipulations on deviant art.

      Oh i new that i forgot about something. Thanks for asking ;) I hear almost something from every genre. But mostly Alternative, Indie, Rock and soundtracks from films i like. My current favourite songs are from Tom Odell - I know and John Newman - Love me again. But it changes every day. I play piano, a little bit guitar and flute. But mostly im a singer. Im in a Rock/ Metall Band here in Berlin, but on my own i sing more Indie and Soul. So do you play an instrument?

      And can i ask you also something?
      Where are you two from? And what do you do?
      And thanks for writing me.

      :brofist: :)
    • I'm from Australia. I'm a student, studying Languages and Linguistics at university. I do a bit of story writing too sometimes. I do a Vampire LARP monthly, which is fun. And i was inspired by Pewdiepie to make my own Youtube channel as a hobby.

      I also enjoy Metal music too! Though i'm selective with it. Some i don't like, some i do. I don't play any though, i'm not skilled with any instruments.

      Also, your photos are Great! :thumbsup:

    • Hello again :)

      Yeah, since the beginning of the year im in a band called the "Rock Wolves" here in Berlin. Sadly we havent some records yet, but we are working on it. Ahh guitar is such a woderful but i think difficult instrument. I had much problems at the beginning. So what do you play for example? Im very interested in that :) Ahh Russia. Thats cool. I learned a few years the russian language and right now i can read and write in russian, but i dont understand so much :/ . And my sister is right now in St. Petersburg as an external year from university.

      Wow Australia! I have to say, i love to meet people from all around the world :) And that sounds great. Why do you study Languages and Linguistic? And how long did you study by now? Can you show me your channel?
      Yeah i know that about metal music. Some songs are very cool, but some i cant stand. And besides there are many foms of metal. I like alternative and melodic metal. But as you said, it can be different ;)
      thanks for the compliment. I love to take photos. It is my passion :)
    • @AntoNella
      Oh , then report me then you record something! The most important thing to learn to play on the guitar - it's a time. If you don't have enough time your progress would be goung very slowly. I'm play a lot of stuff, from blues to progressive metal. My favourite bands are "Death","Pantera","Behemoth","Exodus","Megadeth" in metal of course. I have a couple of records if you are intersted in that ;) And wath about you? I'm live too far away from St.Petersburg?but i have been there a couple of times ! You seriously can write in russian ?
    • I have only just started this year, really. Before then i was doing Economics, but i didn't enjoy it and couldn't keep focused. I guess i do it because i just like words. I find it interesting knowing what they mean, where they come from, how to say them and make them sound beautiful. I'm learning Mandarin Chinese so far, but that's just a start. I'd learn every language if i could.

      I also most like the Melodic, alternative and Symphonic metal. Mostly what i look for is for it to sound dramatic and epic though. Some of my Favorites are Nightwish, Korpiklaani, Krypteria, Apocalyptica, Manowar, among many more.

      My Youtube channel goes by this same name, Jocularity. Its more a hobby for fun than anything i want to grow to be big like Pewdiepie. :)

    • @Kirill
      I promise :) When we record something ill report. Yeah about guitar, i recognized that. I took me a lot of time, that my fingers wont hurt after 5 minutes playing. But right now i can play easy accords and accompany myself at singin. Oh yeah that sounds very "Metal" ;) But i think it is very cool. Metal is such a powerful music. So i´d love to hear some of your records. I think art and music has to be shared between people. So play flute the longest time, but right now i focused on instruments that i can play along with singing. I learned to play Piano and guitar on my own. Im not a pro, but for me it is enought. When i sing i cover mostly good pop/rock songs, soul, musical and also indie and alternative. Like Rise Against, the Swell seasons, adele, florence and the machine, Herbert Grönemeyer. but as i say, there are so many songs that i hear on the radio or films and that i cover.
      Where do you live in Russia? Yeah i can write cyrillic. Leftover from school, where i learned russian ;)

      Oh okay. I believe that you have to do what you really want. Okay, im honesty not 100% happy in my schooling but it is near to the thing what i really want. And i know this feeling about language. Thats why i love to take one word and look how it sounds in all different languages. Mandarin? That is so interesting. I like japanese very much and can speak it little bit. So when you want to learn a little bit German, ask me ;)

      Oh thats funny. Nightwish and Manowar are two Bands from wich i sing/cover a few songs. Warriors of the world and Nemo/ Amarath. But i like the Cover of "Phantom of the Opera" from Nightwish so much ^^ And Apocalyptica is very epic. I like also System of a down very much. I think because of the voice of the singer. And i like the band In Extremo. It is metal with medieval music.
      Ah i found you channel. I like it :)

      :brofist: :D