Hello everyone my name is Alexander / NexusWulf :3

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    • Hello everyone my name is Alexander / NexusWulf :3


      So hi everyone, i hope we will all have a great time together and appreciate the time on this Forum making great memories we can share in the future all together.

      About myself ?

      uhm .... well ... you see...

      Im a casual german dude 21 years old enjoying to game and help people in games, i do appreciate doing stuff outdoor but it depends more or less on the people i would hangout with, in the end i like every human being but if you act like a dunce im not really interrested in keeping up the contact with that certain person.

      all over i hope to make a whole lot of new friends here on the forums and having a blast.

      Best regards,

      Alex / Nexus

      :brofist: from Germany.