What do you think about all the hate Marzia has been getting?

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    • We have to agree that for every lover, there's a hater.
      For example, I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here and no one's going to like my personal opinion, but please hear me out.

      I don't really care too much for Marzia on the channel only due to not really enjoying her voice. Does this make me a terrible person? No, but I will be judged as one none-the-less. See the REAL haters are the ones who legit say "F- You Marzia!" "Why is she in this video?!" "I hate Marzia!", trust me, we've ALL seen those posts and they're disgusting.

      The point I'm making is that no matter who you are, who you may collab with, guest appear on just to say hello and wave or even if you just make a video and people hate the game, YOU will sadly be a target at some point. Now my personal opinion of Marzia is in no way, shape or form, me saying that I hate Marzia as a human being and that I wish she was never on the channel, my opinion is that I enjoy Pewds and Marzia being there is fine by me, I just don't like her voice. I'm sure Marzia and Pewds have had to facepalm and shake their heads to MUCH worse, sadly.

      Sorry for the long, drawn out answer, I just really enjoy these kind of questions and topics. But basically, in the end, we have to take the good with the bad, but overall I think we love Marzia much more than any haters could even think of possibly hating. So we win!
      Please keep smiling and have a wonderful day!
      :brofist: *Big Hugs and Bro Fist!* :brofist:
      Cory of DontWatchMePlay
    • I believe most haters are jealous of both Felix' and Marzia's work. To get an income out of self-made videos is just amazing. Moreover they're a cute couple happily living together with their two dogs. Every great person has haters and lovers.

      The channel of Felix is really different from Marzia's channel, so not everyone can enjoy both channels which is understandable.
    • As a wise man once said " HATERS GONNA HATE DUCKS GONNA QUACK" lmao
      But in a serious manner,for meh they are just jealous on what Marzia's accomplishments in life.
      Marzia doesn't deserve hate and to be hated ynow
      I Love Marzia <3
      I think that all we can do is to be on her side always,aupport her in alll decisions she makes,and do our best to remind her on how much we love her every single day :love: :love: :love: :love: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :)
    • I said this before and I will keep saying it until I breathe my last breath.

      Haters only want to get a rise out of any fanbase for one reason. They want the fans to get angry so they (the haters) can keep trolling fans. Why do they do this? They do this because they know that the fans are willing to say "OMG stfu. if you dont like it, dont watch". Rinse and repeat, and you get the basics of creating anything and putting it on the internet.

      Whilst it's annoying for people to see their idols get "tormented" and berated with haters, you shouldn't really say anything to them. Just ignore them. If anything, most of the haters are just commenting on something with their opinion. For example, if someone comments on someone's voice because it's a different accent (and a bit weird if the person's never heard that accent before), then they get hate.

      If anything, people spend too much time complaining about haters and should just ignore them, like their idols advise them to.
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

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    • I'd say in the beginning it was very hard for Marzia to make a name for herself because people immediately believed that she only joined Youtube to stem off Pewd's success, and a great deal of the hate that she now gets continues on from that despite her constant ability to prove that her success has nothing to do with Felix's and she works hard for what she has. Then Frelee the banana girl seemed to target her for no reason and her fans probably jumped onto Marzia for that as well, however once again Marzia has proven herself capable of rising above it all. Then there's just the plain nasty people who make fun of her for the sake of it, for example talking about her voice, who I am sure she doesn't waste even a second of her thinking space even concerning herself with.

      The bottom line is that as long as Marzia isn't bothered by it, we shouldn't be either. It's extremely hard to ignore, especially since we Marzipans love her so much, but we can't let haters get on our nerves. Haters are on the same level as trolls, they waste their time complaining about things they hate instead of focusing on what they themselves enjoy, just because they don't like it. Then some of them actually enjoy getting the rise out of the bro army and the Marzipans. I personally don't like to give them the satisfaction of that.

      We just got to keep focusing on what we ourselves love and enjoy, and stop giving the haters the bait they're craving. If they're ignored then they'll give up eventually :) :thumbsup: <3 :brofist:
    • BBerrychills94 wrote:

      Then there's just the plain nasty people who make fun of her for the sake of it, for example talking about her voice
      Haters like to pick out the traits of a person that most people would notice first about a person. Its how they work for the majority of the time they hate.

      Tis a great world to live in.
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

      If you need me, visit my about me section on my profile for my skype contact.
    • To be frank, Marzia wouldnt have as many followers if she wasnt with Felix. So what??? I never cared about make up and i still like her videos. Actually she is a good person so I dont care what she does (as long as she does something). And if nothing else, you can see the difference between Felix´s videos with Marzia and his videos without her. I think she keeps him going and without her Felix would be really depressed masking his frustration with cringe.