Looking for Gamers!

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    • Looking for Gamers!

      Hey bros!
      Im looking for people to play games with and possibly make videos with.
      A little bit about me:
      16 year old male
      i love to game
      im pretty easy to get along with
      i'd prefer to play with anyone 14+
      I play football and I wrestle
      i really like anime

      Ive got a bunch of games just check out ------> steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058041602
      skype: DaBroKaid
      if you guys have any recommendations for games that you'd wanna play with me, just let me know and i'll check them out
      I like all types of games from horror - shooters - sandbox

      Just add me on steam and skype and let me know if you'd wanna play a game sometime!
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