Ludum Dare games session video

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    • Ludum Dare games session video

      Hey there !

      I'm not sure this is the right place to give suggestions, nor if it's going to be read one day, but who knows ?

      Recently ended the 29th Ludum Dare. In case you don't know, it's a 48h solo game jam (or 72h in team) which occurs three times a year. Each time, a theme is voted, and the games should be based on it. It's mostly an online jam, so anybody can participate. The last sessions of the Ludum Dare resulted in more than 2000 submitted games, each time.

      I was thinking (and maybe I'm not the first to tell about) that it would be a good idea to make a Ludum Dare games session video. Of course, not a video with the 2000 games played, but more like a selection of Felix's favorite ones, or those that have captured his attention. I invit all of you (and him) to take a look at the Ludum Dare games page : Ludum Dare 29 | Ludum Dare.

      It would be a great reward for the jammers to receive the attention from such a famous guy like Pewdiepie ! More seriously, it would offer some (gigantic) visibility for the Ludum Dare games, and maybe inform some of the Pewdiepie's interested viewers that such an event exists. I am convinced that he'd be able to find some beads or crazy weird stuff among the 2000 entries.

      Tell me what you think !
    • Among the 2k entries there are a lot of crappy stuff of course, but also a lot of awesome gems. And sometimes the crappy crazy ones are even more funnier to play than the more polished games ah !

      Finally, there is a wide variety of games, but (almost) all made based on the same theme and made with the same constraints. So the point would not be to compare them, but rather to show how many different, and differently interesting, stuff you can create during such an event, in such conditions.

      Not only for the entertainment aspect of the video, I believe that it could trigger something in some people among the mass audience, by showing them that anybody can make a game, that you don't need to be a professional to make cool stuff. You just have to begin somewhere, why not here and now ?

      Well, sorry if I'm a bit idealistic ahah. Anyways I'm convinced that it would make a cool video to watch, while creating some visibility and interest for these little games !
    • Gah! It wasn't on the list of suggestions and I just created another thread suggesting Ludum Dare games.
      But yeah I think Pewds should try at least some of the highest rated games :)

      Completelly agree with you, also Ludum Dare has tons of unique ideas. Even when they are not ridiculous or silly, these games are interesting (especially to hardcore gamers), because you never imagine game mechanics that work that way. Also these games are completely free and legal.

      Here are some more links:
      LD30 - Connected Worlds
      LD29 - Beneath the Surface
      LD28 - You Only Get One
      LD27 - 10 Seconds
      ... (there's 26 more of them)

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