Highschool Simulator 2012

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    • Highschool Simulator 2012

      Q: Why are you starting this?
      A: Why not? A high-school role-play is fun in most of the times.

      Q: So, what is this about?
      A: It's about people role-playing either as students or even teachers. Simple as that.

      Q: Are there any special requirements?
      A: There is, actually; which is, you must be quite active. Why? Because, if there's a person role-playing as a teacher and while he's RP-ly teaching lessons and the students don't quite "listen" to him and just do something else, it'd be quite weird for the teacher to carry on doing whatever he was doing, wouldn't it?

      Q: So what if I RP here and I go missing for a month?
      A: In that case, if you're able to warn us before doing so, that'd be lovely.

      Q: Anything else?
      A: Yes; completing the form at the bottom of the post. You must also wait until your form gets accepted before you start RPing.

      Q: Why can't I choose my class or age?
      A:Because that would complicate things even more..therefore, having only one class would be way easier (as soon as 30 people will RP in this thread, there will be another class. Not until then though ^^ and you all know it won't happen).

      Q: I have another question...
      A: Feel free to ask; be wary though that whatever is off-topic (i.e. not having to do with the role-play itself) must have an "OOC:"(Out of Character) in front of the message (or simply contain your OOC message between a double bracket, ((like this)) ).

      Q: What's with the "your power" thing there in the form?
      A: It's a thing some members suggested to make things different in this RP, so that it doesn't get boring. Pick a power, one only!

      Name (you may just pick 1 name and go with it if nobody else already has that name):
      Teacher or Student (self-explanatory):
      Appearance (tall/short, plumpy/slim, these kinds of stuff):
      Your power (Stuff like Telekinesis or Flight. One power only. Teachers can't have powers!):
      Notes (anything about your character that you think should be mentioned; although, don't mention any moral characteristics; it would be better for people to figure them out RP-ly, wouldn't it?):

      Here, have my form for example:
      Name: Alex
      Teacher or Student: Student
      Appearance: Slim, not tall and neither short (middle-height), with a short dark hair and green eyes.
      Your power: Telekinesis
      Notes: (nothing to be mentioned)

      I won't start the RP myself; the RP starts as soon as there are at least 3 students and a teacher ^^

      List of current people RP-ing:
      Alex (The Alex) - Student
      Daely (Wobblematic) - Student
      Weezy (TheDubstepper) - Student
      James (Gonzo Payne) - Student
      Sierra (FemaTheSorceress14) - Student
      Hana (Hana <3 *Bro Fist*) - Student
      Mrs. Stephano (Hana <3 *Bro Fist*) - Teacher
      Anna (Joker123) - Student
      Will (Widge) - Student
      Jonathan Crow (CaelCrow) - Student
      Eliza (Elizabeth The Great!) - Student
      Chrystal (Hana <3 *Bro Fist*) - Student
      Ekaterina ''Anarchy'' (Mikako) - Student
      Michael / Mr. M (The Alex) - Teacher
      Cameron (JetWolf318 ) - Student
      Zath (AleckXD) - Student
      Kiyoshi (Creeping Shadow) - Student
      Zyra (Scratch) - Student
      Katie Singgrab (zombiegirl96) - Student
      dororo (dororo4evabro!!!!!!) - Student
      Karim (TheDauphin) - Student
      Reve (RexReflex) - Student
      Icy (NicksterGamer) - Student
      Andrew J Manson (Dumbrarere) - Student
      Lauren (aqua247) - Student

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    • Name: Daely. ( yea you pronounce it as Daily)
      Teacher or Student: Student
      Appearance: Middle height, Sporty look ( little bit pumped ), blue eyes, dark hair, middle-long.
      Notes: I'm a jock I guess ? :p

      "People will laugh at your dreams, then hate you when you made them come true."
    • Name: James
      Teacher or Student: Student
      Appearance: Normal size to tall, normal body width (Not too thin, not too fat), wears headphones and listens to music sometimes during any breaks/lunch, black hair, uniform looks like a bit like this. (images.wikia.com/megamitensei/…715!P3-Protagonist_CG.jpg)
      Notes: Likes video games, Italian food, music, and is pretty relaxed, does what he is told.

      (Going to be gone for an hour)

      colonel, we managed to avoid drowning!
    • Name: Anna
      Teacher or Student: Student
      Appearance: Middle height, slim but not skinny, dark brown shoulder length hair
      Notes: Outgoing, artsy, good at science and history, doesn't fit in with the 'popular kids', funny.

      OOC: I love how everyone here has posted in the zombie apocolypse, highschool would be a change xD
    • OOC: Indeed. Just don't mix this up with the ZA one, lol. I'll be adding you all and I guess after that we can start. Where should we start? During classes?

      EDIT: MOAR OOC: By the way, you may still join if you didn't even if the RP started. Just find a proper way of joining (i.e. being new to school for example). Until it starts, join normally. You still have to post your form though even if the RP started once you join.
    • Name: Will
      Teacher or student: Student
      Appearance: middle to tall height with slightly curly dark blond hair, brown eyes, and a muscular build.
      Notes: Likes science and is very good at it, quite often sits on his own and stares at the sky, not much else is known about this enigmatic boy ((XD lol couldn't resist)).