Pewds Plays Alien:Isolation

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Love that Pewds is playing Alien:Isolation and I did my first fan art and this is my third time drawing a Xenomorph, other times were a fail.

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  • Shiro Tenjou -

    wow! <3

  • CanDyeCye -

    cool :D

  • TheWalrusGaming -

    this is great you guys should draw the space barrals

  • alijera -

    this is great!!! love the detail!

  • Mertzehia -

    Omg this looks awesome! :brofist:

  • Shizaya -

    This is pretty awesome. Dont look back! :brofist:

  • SHAZAM! -

    This is pretty awesome. I also like how you put the mouth inside the mouth just like in the game. Really cool! :brofist:

    • Assassin Queen Shadow -

      Thanks so much! Funny thing is I uploaded this yesterday before he got to go against the Alien and I got lucky that he was wearing a black shirt ha

    • SHAZAM! -

      Damn, it looked like you were inspired from this last video :D hehe

    • Assassin Queen Shadow -

      Heh actually I think I was going from the one before ha because he was wearing a black shirt then, not sure if it was the same one

  • theinsaneturtle -

    burn that alien down XD

    • Assassin Queen Shadow -

      He basically did lol

    • theinsaneturtle -

      no one can beat him even alien ^^

    • Assassin Queen Shadow -

      Maybe so though he got pwned a bit lol