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    Hey there,
    Pewdie n' Friends is nearing 100k members and already surpassed the 3 year mark of publicly existing recently. I don't think there could be a better time to get some more new and fresh wind in, so... I introduce to you, the 3.1 Update!
    As you might've noticed, we rolled out a couple new features over the last week. Those include:
    • the Steam Link! Now you can connect your account to your Steam account or just register like that from the start. This will be used in upcoming gaming events, giveaway and more.
    • Poking! You like poking random people via Internet? You won't need Teamspeak or Facebook for that anymore - just go on a user profile on our site and click the poke button. Engage them in a fiery poke battle to death!
    • the Video Bot! In wake of the recent events, with PewDiePie disabling all YouTube comments, the Video Bot has made a glorious comeback. Comment on the threads automatically created when Felix uploads a new video and enjoy a proper discussion instead

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