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    • It had to happen eventually, and as of late this place has been as good as dead anyway, so I'm not exactly surprised.

      I may have already mentioned this before, but the idea that I've met so many people, had so many experiences, and changed so much over the years, all thanks to this place - a forum for discussion of an overrated YouTube sensation, has always been bizarre to me. Nevertheless, for that, I'm thankful. As pathetic as it sounds I don't want to think where I'd be if I hadn't stumbled onto this place.

      It has also given way to the somewhat large Discord community that I have now, which I'm also thankful for.

      If I were to attempt to extend anymore on this I'd just be repeating what others have already said; I've met lots of amazing people I still talk to, made lots of memories, yadda yadda. You know the drill.

      And like the copycat I am I'll be attempting to mention the names of people I'd like to thank, but I think if any of them are seeing this they already know how I feel. I hope.

      These are the people that I believe had an effect on my life, and who I am today: AmazingLord, Lela, Emily, Okuu, the guy that forced me to read Saya no Uta but changed his username so many times I don't know what to call him, Mystery, Coder, CopyCat, Noise, Rae, Alva, Raptorr, Iana, Nyx, Cha, Eric, Miao, Ainz, and probably more that I'm forgetting. I may not still be in contact with all of you anymore, but I will never forget you. Hopefully.

      Thanks for everything. Goodnight sweet prince. And as always, ‪‪‪‪ded.
      Work it ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ harder
      Make it (ง •̀_•́)ง better
      Do it ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ faster
      Raise your ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ dongers
    • just heard the news.
      sad to see this place going down, with all the memories i had from this place, may it be bad ones, it was all still memories I'll always cherish. The friends, The drama, The Relationships, all the fun I've had visiting this site everyday, you'll never be forgetten!

      I would like to also mention my goodbyes to a few certain individuals;
      Rae, you asian cuck, i used to hate you now you're one of my closest friends
      Zarah, i still hate you, eat sand
      Iana, you probably hate me now but our friendship was great
      DatWeirdAnimeGurl, our relationship was weird, but i still liked you back then
      Shadow, Terrion, Cha, Eric, raptorr, Alva, Mairym Leia,or Marissa, imp, Nyx and the whole moderation team, and everyone that i missed
      Take care nerds!
    • welp. like i even surprised a bit so lil amount of pips responded to this thread on current state...
      so if u find urself reading this XD
      I didnt make any friends here - i was on the start but thing died for me kinda fast :( Still though i returned when Pewdiepie tuber simulator kicked in so i guess as many of those who didnt used web eventually found them selfs here if of cource they played the game)
      for me its sad when something ends, feeling sowwy for ppl who really cared about being part of the whole WEB. gone through this kind of feeling too so i feel u guys hope some of u got many friends and apportunities cuz of this MEGA PROJECT LUL
      cya at YT comments i guess...
      PPSSS can i finish with same amount likes and posts plz :3

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    • Heyo nerds.
      Looks like this place is really going. Thanks for the memories and the great people I've had the pleasure of talking to and playing games with. The teamspeak was also the first time I've talked on the interwebs. So for those who talked to me on it back in late 2014 and 2015, hope you liked the autism. Time to mention a bunch of names as part of the bandwagon. P.S. I have bad memory.
      Mystery, thanks for introducing me to vidya on PC and hope you're doing well, doofus.
      Nerah, pretty sure you sang Happy Birthday to me with Mystery back in 2014. Besides that, thanks for being there for me when I was at my lowest. <3
      Mairym, my 2nd favorite baguette and an okay emotional support. ;)
      Zarah, I thought you were a fag and still are, just a great one with sand in his dick.
      Noise, aka Quarcry aka Taw aka Closeted Homosexual, literally suck my Mercy skin and the 2 other duplicates I got. Love you too.
      Other shoutouts to Samfisher47 aka Genti, Peacekeeper, Nyx, Terrion, Risker360, Max, Dano, Lee, Stephano, Raptorrr, Eric, Semi, Alva and the moderation team for handling various forms of autism.
      Also for some reason, this place indirectly allowed me to meet a french nerd that I love. So thanks for that.
      See you on the flipside.

    • I didn't spend a whole lot of time here, so I might not know how you all feel... But still, I can't say that I haven't enjoyed the time here! Quite the opposite! I just wish I'd joined this community sooner...

      The only benefit of me not being here a whole lot is that I'm not that much heartbroken as you people who spent years here (I'm not sure can you compare "heartbreakness" but whatever, you know better than me about that)...

      This is the final goodbye on these forums... But who knows, maybe there will be a new forum one day, just like this? Till then, see you in YouTube comments, bros! Take care! :brofist:

      G o o d b y e e v e r y o n e !
    • This was a roller coaster. I haven't been here as long as all of you, only a mere year and a half or so. But what I can say is, I share the love everybody had for this website, and I will surely miss everything.
      It's been a long year full of laughs, smiles, and new friends. I love you all, and do well.
      I'm proud.
      Goodbye, everybody <3

      PS- you can comment on my page or pc me about getting my chat info, so we could talk somewhere else (if you're interested)

      -Ruth out-
      ILL MISS YOU ALL <3 <3
    • Hello friends!

      I would be Lying if I said I was still coming here everyday but recieiving this e-mail made me feel guilty and sad at the same time.

      I came here a few years ago to meet people and came back a lil while later thanks to the several contests and shoutout competitions Pewds had created but in the end my fav part of this forum will always be the chat section where I met a lot of cool and weird people, some of them are still my friends now and I'll never forget all the good time I had around here.

      I hate when things are changing and I hate social networks as well but I'll try to stay tune and follow the "broarmy" wherever it's going, wether it's on a facebook page, a steam group or a discord thingy...
      We barelly know each others in the end and yet we've been here all together, it's kinda cool when you think about it, it has been a good run ^^

      This forum might be living his few last days but the broarmy spirit will long way longer!

      Thank you all, for your posts, your smile and your hard work ( even more if you're a moderator and stuff haha)
      Until we meet again!
      Please take care of yourself, don't stop smiling and never let anything or anyone brings you down!
      Cheers from France!

      Just Another Loser, OUT!
    • I came here because of the email i got. I was 12 when i decided to join your community. Right now I'm trying to read my old messages. I really wanna cry because of how cringy they were. But I had a great time back then. And it was a good place to talk to people , a wonderful place even. Bros were always so nice to me (even tho i was a real idiot (I'm still an idiot)). But anyways, I'm sad to see this forum die.
      It is destined to be up in the skies with Club Penguin.
    • DanOS wrote:

      I've been through the rise and fall of this place, mostly.
      The road so far hasn't been the smoothest to ride on, and the journey itself was littered with questionable people and decisions - albeit coming from the higher ups residing above us.

      I'm not going to sit here and reminisce about the good ol' days or the people who came and went - things happen, and this website ran its course well into the ground.

      The question is "was it worth the time and effort?" - and yeah, it was.
      The experience is of course valuable; some of the closest friends I have now, and the woman I love, I've met through here.
      Feels a bit weird considering how many people I've forgotten - yet this merry band of chucklefucks stayed, and I thank them for that.

      Yeah, it was worth it. ish.

      <--- Oh, you hate me son?
    • My my .... THE NOSTALGIA 'inhales'. Its in the air like the the breeze before the strike of the hurricane .

      In any case .... Most of you won't know me if you are new here , you may only remember me like another random guy that came to this forum on Mar 12th 2013, because that one youtuber you support ,4-years-ish ago ,for that I stepped inside this forum , and the first 2 years were wonderful , few random new-comers that I won't even bother with , just the few members that I donno how or when they got here before me ,in any case it came out to be quit a good chemistry and harmony between us (except that one crush I over-exaggerated after our first chat -_- )
      Never the less, if I didn't made contact with this forum and its people , most likely my English would be ...more incomplete then it currently is xD , for me it was a good exercise of writing + the online socializing. On this forum , in 2014-2015 I met that one girl , who then introduced me to a friend of hers that came to be my 'girlfriend' in a 'long distance' relationship , and since that didn't work out because of the Romania-Hong Kong distance ...welp , we tried didn't we ? We ended up being 'online best friends' and one day , we shall meet under the London bridge , kissing and start doing what we couldn't in the past.

      When I saw that the public chat rooms where gone a few months ago , I kinda lost pretty much interst in the forums , since I kinda never interacted with threads , because I didn't like them ? I always was up for random chatter with randoms and folks from the forum , and when I saw it gone , I kinda lost my hope for this forum , from 2015-2016 wondering on this forum calling it 'ancient ruins' since it reminded me of the past I spent here, and now I am witnessing that these ancient ruins will get demolished and abandoned .It doesn't really bother me , for who ever I knew on this forum I already made them friends on FB , Skype.... or even Steam ( yes, I mean you Mystery and Peacekeeper ).So if you still feel friends with someone on this forum , you better move to another platform with this friendship , since if you are too far away from each other , you wont be able to make contact with each other and most likely forget you ever met

      As a last paragraph of this 'last-message' on this forum , I wanna thank the forum staff for their hard work in maintaing order in this virtual sanctuary . And for the other members I already exchanged friend requests on other platforms ,I hope we will be able to talk with each other again , and have some 'nostalgia' moments about this forum ,and the few moments we shared since I was most absent because of personal reasons.... In any case ,farewell BroArmy forum, I won't forget you .

      "Oh look at the time ... IT'S ANIME TIME"
    • Although I haven't been as active as most, I've been around to see the opening of this site and you can bet I'll be around to see it off for its closing. Even without the activity on this forum, I know the presence of the bro army will remain strong.still. Thank you for the community. *brofist*
    • Welp, I kinda guessed this would happen sooner or later. It's been a good run.

      Thank you to all of those I met, been friends with, talked to on the regular and the ones who I loved to cause drama with on a few occasions. Those days will be missed dearly.

      Of course, there is one user I need to mention, but I won't. They know who they are. Just know I am entirely grateful for knowing you when I did. You helped me through so much shit in the past. I couldn't have known a better friend than you.

      Well, I think that's it.

      For the last time, goodbye. You'll know where to find me if you need me.
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

      If you need me, visit my about me section on my profile for my skype contact.
    • I caught the forum near the end of its life. In the relatively short time that I have spent here, I have met some of my closest friends. For that, I will always be grateful.

      I am so thankful for having the opportunity to spend time with all of you. And of course, a huge thank you to Heiko for his endless dedication to this forum and all of its members, and for being so helpful in showing me how the heck this place works.

      To all the other administrators and moderators: I hope you know how much of a positive impact you have made on my life. Thanks for helping me through the learning curve.

      While the forum is closing, I truly hope everyone here has made a lasting connection; in this way, this community's impact will continue.

      Thank you all,

      Sam Kramer
      *Insert really clever signature here*
    • Ok so I got the email, and I was quite surprised by it, even though it was inevitable right?

      Anyway, this was one hell of a website. Literally. I still remember the first day when I joined (met Rae and Semi, I wish the second one was still active online :c), and the different "eras" as I like to call it. Met so many different people, probably forgot some (and I'm sorry about it!), and had my fair share of laughs, conversations and so on.

      This was one good way to forge friendships, and to those I don't talk to much these days, I still consider you as friends, people! I have so many good memories of me being here, or on other social medias, and talking to y'all.

      There are these "friends from 2014": Rae, Semi, Kirito, Pvt, Alva, Mystery, Nerah, and Steph (even though she left quite early :c). I'm glad I still have contact with some of them today, you guys are the real mvp <3

      Oh and also Terre, but he didn't remember me back then so it doesn't count. c:

      I still don't forget the skype groups, the teamspeak chatrooms (hey I had priviledges there ok), and now the discord groups, and I can't help but find this story quite beautiful. It's our story after all, isn't it? c:

      So thank you, you who's reading this, for sharing all those times with me, for making it fun and enjoyable. This website definitely was a part of my life, and the people who're part of it as well, so... Thank you!

      I will now proceed to make a list of these awesome people I enjoyed being with (list non exhaustive):
      Rae (yes you're first bb feel proud), Semi, Kirito, Alva, Noise, Terre, Mystery, Pvt, Steph, Lee, Banana, Eric, ville, shadow, Chaos, Imp, Bree, Isa, Iana, Ilyes, Mehgo, Svan, Dash, PK, George, even Jermaine back in the day lmao, Metal, Chato, even Zarah (didn't talk to him much here, but you're okay now ;) )

      And obviously, these mods with whom I didn't expect hanging around, but somehow did: dano, max (i still have to beat your arses at Civ V you noobs) and risker :)
      You're as awesome as the people above, thank you for the time you've spent there trying to manage that mess

      If any of you guys still wanna hang out, then tell me so owo (i'm still on pretty much everything and there's discord now so I mean c:)

      And since I still remember how much EVERYONE here liked to tease me about the fact I'm French, I have to end my (probably) last post on this forum the right way

      With a stereotypical french quote

      "L'amitié est comme une bouteille de vin, elle prend de la valeur avec le temps"
      (Friendship is just like a bottle of wine: it earns worth with time)

      Thank you guys for everything, Mairym's out <3
      Cool kids don't turn around when there is an explosion behind them.
      And if they're wearing glasses, it's even cooler.

    • Hey guys,
      It's been a while and I received an email about this just then. It's sad to see this go as there have been memories made on this site (well ages ago for me) both good and bad and I had a fun time interacting with all the bros.
      Thanks for the ability to support pewdiepie through this forum, especially the art section. Goodbye and good luck everyone!

      Livi :)

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