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    • The end of Pewdie n' Friends

      Dear users,

      it's been roughly 6 years since we started working on Pewdie n' Friends. Back in 2011 this was just a small fan project with one goal: create a place where fans can meet and talk, a community. Over the years we grew quite a bit (to 216,974 members to be exact!) over many iterations, but the idea has always remained the same. And I think we succeeded in what we set out to create: This forum has been the epicenter of so many fun stories, friendships and even relationships in some cases.

      We had a good run, but the time has come to put the ol' site to rest: on Sunday 23rd at 8pm UTC the forums will close. Social media has largely replaced the need for a dedicated site - after all a forum without the people is no forum at all. But fear not: we won't just delete the whole page. We want to keep all the things that happened here alive in the memories of the community. That's why the page will be archived on the date above - not allowing any further contributions, but keeping the current ones as memorabilia.

      I want to thank everyone that helped me make this page a success: Felix for bringing us all together; Dano and Vics for their incredible help with organizing everything; Max, Lobo, Risker, Bundy, Sam and all our past moderators for keeping the place clean and most importantly: YOU. We wouldn't have had so much fun without all the people that filled the forum with posts, messages, images and events.

      With a tear in my eye and a smile on my face I hope you join me in saying good bye to this wonderful place.

      Heiko 'mKeRix' Rothe
    • I've been around here 5 years. I've seen so many people form relationships of all kinds through these forums, and have forged many for myself. The moderation team have become some of my closest friends, and I know some of you have formed similar friendships with others you have met on the forums.
      I was given a position as moderator when I was at one of my lowest points in life, being here gave me something positive to focus on - a growing community filled with so many different types of people. I've watched some of you grow up, and you've watched me grow up into an adult in turn. I've protected you from trolls, and I've told you off when you needed telling off. I'll never not think of this community as my baby, but all good things must come to an end.

      Thank you Pewdiepie for giving us the opportunity to create and nurture this community, and thank you all for accompanying us on this journey. It's sure been an experience.
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    • Aww man that sucks, but yeah, i see myself not using this site at all anymore. I don't know why exactly, but at one point it just got too big for me to follow what's ever going on here. It sucks to see it go, but that is just the nature of things. I had awesome times on here and it was a nice ride. See y' all some other place some other time.
    • Just recieved the mail and it's sad to see this come to an end.
      I absolutely weren't one of the hardcore users of this forum or anything like that but the time I spent here was great.
      I've got to know people all over the world which I now consider my friends. Thanks to everyone for contributing in making this forum what it was. A nice and warm place where everyone was welcome.

      Thanks and Stay Rad Everybody <3

      Stay Rad Everybody!!
    • Well I saw this coming eventually, I am sad but I am not sad about everything I've gained and achieved here. Meeting awesome people I call friends (even family) "living" here, in chat every day all day from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, just to talk to people, laugh, sometimes cry... the memories will stay with me always. I even added people elsewhere and stuck with them the whole time I've been here. Still though, the days of the chat will never be replaced because we all could meet there and talk at once. So... thank you, Pewds even if I don't watch you much anymore (but that doesn't mean I hate you), thank you mods for watching over us and being fun but still doing your job, and for everyone I've met here. I love you all <3 Goodbye, if you really want to find me, it's not hard.
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    • Well damn. Been forever since i've been on this website. Kind of forgot about the existence of it....No wonder it's closing down I guess.

      It's definitely been a good run, and this community is and always will be awesome forum or no forum. :)

    • I've been through the rise and fall of this place, mostly.
      The road so far hasn't been the smoothest to ride on, and the journey itself was littered with questionable people and decisions - albeit coming from the higher ups residing above us.

      I'm not going to sit here and reminisce about the good ol' days or the people who came and went - things happen, and this website ran its course well into the ground.

      The question is "was it worth the time and effort?" - and yeah, it was.
      The experience is of course valuable; some of the closest friends I have now, and the woman I love, I've met through here.
      Feels a bit weird considering how many people I've forgotten - yet this merry band of chucklefucks stayed, and I thank them for that.

      Yeah, it was worth it. ish.

    • Well here we are on thread #45,273 - end of the line. It sucks to watch it end after everything but all good things come to an end.

      I've met a lot of questionable people here. Some of them are now my friends, others not so much. Overall this was an interesting experience to say the least.

      And to the mods; holding the line with you all against an endless horde of PewDiePie fans was an absolute pleasure.

      I rate this a perfect 5/7, would ban ten thousand accounts again.

    • I've been here since 2014, can't believe the site is going to close when I received an email about it. It fills with precious memories where I can chat with bros around the world. Hoping Pewds would reply me one day. Excited when I got More and more likes on my comments. All these have brought graceful moments in my life.
      I'm so happy to be one of the bros. It supported me when I was going through struggles in my university life. I was so desperate because of university transfer matters. I was able to succeed, Pewds and bros (and barrels! lol) are my source of relaxation and happiness, can't be more thankful to you all.
      It is a pity that this site has to be closed. But as a saying says, nothing lasts forever. "The morning will come again. No darkness, no seasons can last forever." Thank you the administrators, moderators, engineers who have been maintaining and keeping alive for all these years. I have had so much fun! Better than the YouTube comment section, for real! lol
      Hey, we will meet again, right? Right!
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    • I've been mostly a lurker, but I'm very fond of this site. It's been fun! Thank you to all the admins, moderators and all the awesome bros. *raises glass* And most of all thank you to Pewdiepie for being such an awesome and inspiring person that gathers people of all kinds together in celebration and friendship. Happy trails to all of you, and all Hail the King! :brofist:
    • Waking up to see an email notifying its closure, it really saddens me, even though I've been off for almost 3 years straight. Visiting this site again brings back memories, both good and not-so-good ones.

      Well, nothing lasts forever after all, and the fact that this site goes through 6 years is remarkable. I've had my share of great and bad-ish experiences, ups and downs, hilarious and wacky stuffs to sob stories and dramas. It all was a time very well spent. Oh well, I'm not really good with words.. On the last note, I'll always remember this site as my first "internet / virtual home" for me.

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    • hard to believe i joined this site almost five years ago honestly, met a lot of great people, and have a lot of really really good memories so theres that

      i joined this shitshow when i was 13 years old so i guess now were all saying our goodbyes this is also a discrete apology for anyone who dealt with my whiny ass in the shoutbox back then LMAO

      nah but seriously its been fun, and even though i havent been active since 2014 im a nostalgic sappy motherfucker and my heart did drop a lil when i saw the email

      to the mods and all the friends i made here, thanks
      formally thejoker123
    • What the fuck man why would you end it like this etc

      No, but I think it is a worthy end to an era. I might not have been here since the very start, but at least I've been part of it for a very long ass time. I met so many amazing people here, some of which I still talk to and play with daily. It's been such a great ride overall.

      As user, I'd like to thank the moderation team for keeping up with all our shit since the very beginning. You guys have done an awesome job at keeping this place friendly and still running. Even though the users and the moderation team had their differences we still managed to get together and keep this community alive for an amazing 6 years. To the community, I have to say thank you for the open mindedness and individuality of each user. You guys freaking rock, and I wish all of you the best of wishes. Might we have either met or not, the feeling will remain.

      As ex-moderator, I cannot be prouder at how this community has evolved. From a small community on the forums to something larger than I've ever experienced. Even though I have had other experiences as moderator none of them have been as great as this. The support of the community through my job as moderator has nothing been short of motivating. The community moved me to keep doing what I'm good at, which is to connect. We all connected on a bond not just with video games or subjects we like, but also on a higher level. We have had hours upon hours of chats about all kinds of stuff, ranging from the release of video games to what is inside Dano's beard.

      Lastly, I'd like to make some honorable mentions to people I have spent most of my time with.

      First off, I'd like to thank Shadow, Lee, Lilo, Semi, Sam, Nate, Svannah, Rae, Isaiah, Dash, Mehgo, Terrion, Fluffeh and Pvt. Lederhose for the awesome time I have had with playing video games with you guys. Even though we might not have played so much together now as in the past, the memories of playing with y'all while sitting on Skype and Teamspeak will remain.

      Secondly, I'd like to thank Nerah, Zarah, Copycat, Coder, Okuu and Gonzo. Even though we might not talk that much, I'm still glad we're keeping in touch one way or another outside of the forums. Even though this place may go, we'll keep in touch till the next time we may meet.

      Then, I would like to thank the moderation team, with the honorable mentions of Dano, Max, Heiko, Vics, smk, Bundyclan and Lobo, for keeping up with our idiotic community and holding the line for all insane fanboys for it. You guys rock. Seriously. This community and this very thread might not have been here weren't it for you guy's help. Thank you.

      I'd also like to thank PewDiePie for creating this community and letting it being ran for over 6 years. It is nothing short of amazing how long this community has been around, together, through thick and thin. And, yes, even he belongs to this community, even if we might not have spoken too much. We're all here because of him and that is nothing short of amazing.

      Finally, I'd like to take this place to thank my best friend and my pal that has been with me through this entire insane rise, Peacekeeper. I would not have been here if it wasn't for your support, which I have been given since the moment I set foot in the then (and now reverted) shoutbox. Both your creativity and your persistence are things I respect deeply, and even as right now I still have no words to express how I feel about this amazing ride with you. Sure,we might still be in touch to this very day, but I cannot imagine how different this experience would have been have you not been here. We've had laughs, smiles, bad times, and even some crying, but it was all worth it. Here's to another six years of pure insanity.

      Thank you, For not only the time of my life, but for the experience I would have never expected to have.

      ps: not to mention THE FORUM WILL CLOSE ON MY BIRTHDAY, WEH
    • Wow it doesn't even seem like it started that 'long' ago... It was so nice when it first opened up, I enjoyed watching all the art that came through and all the interactions, games, stories.. everything :) I grew quiet sure but still tried to keep tabs on some things. I'm sure that there will be some friendships carried on through after this has closed and we will be able to look back on the fond memories and shenanigans had.
    • Sigh...

      It was a good run. A damn good one I've had on here.

      It sucks to see it go like this, but I know it was inevitable from the moment the inactivity kicked in. It's a shame to see it like this but what else can be done? I'm happy to have been part of this community while I was around, it sure as hell will remain in my heart for making a change in my life and how I see things, for the better.

      I'm sorry I forgot about this forum, this community, these people. But here I am, willing to make one last goodbye before it all.

      Thank you for the fond memories, and take care.
    • Woah Broarmy is closing :0

      I remember back in the day, with all the drama and the memories. To be honest I miss the old days where there was a chat room and all those stuff. To be honest, I feel like this site was getting pretty deserted because of the removal of the chatroom and the migration to other chatting services. I'm pretty sad that this site is going down, but I'm glad I was able to meet all these people and become friends. Thanks for having me as your local Weeaboo and I hope to see you guys somewhere else in the future! Thanks!!

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      あたしはアニメが好き 。

    • I wasn't a part of Bro-army for long but it's kind of sad to see it go. It's great to read all of your wonderful memories and appreciate the place more even though I haven't been around to witness it myself. Here's to the many years more of the Bro-army that will continue to grow on different websites and in social media. Cheers! :)
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