Bring Scare Pewdiepie Back [Here is how]

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    • Bring Scare Pewdiepie Back [Here is how]

      It's time to do something about it. We can't let some fake news media company called WSJ to make their propaganda news that screw over people along with Pewdiepie.
      If you're reading this you either love Pewdiepie, Want season 2 back or hate injustice and bullshit just like me. There is a way to turn this whole thing around and here is how.

      We can't get people away with injustice and spread of fake news and propaganda.
      We are going to contact Google and Disney and here is all the contact information Required.
      Things to say to Google,
      Google ads have a strict policy that they updated where they "DO NOT" provide their services to websites with "FAKE NEWS" And who is reporting fake news? "WSJ"
      Who is using google ads for most of the profits? "WSJ"
      Proof of them reporting Fake news, and Dangerous News:
      1. WSJ claims were so bad about politics that they made Prime minister of Malaysia and the lies made by them were so bad that his secretary said "WSJ contines to report lies as facts" "It's unfortunate that people see WSJ as fact" "An investigation must be carried out against The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for taking sides in Malaysia's politics and internal affairs"
      2. WSJ making article claiming "No Need to Panic About Global Warming" while that's clearly a lie 97% of climate scientists are worried about Global warming and it's an serious issue were already facing where even Obama is very concerned and worried about it,Even Google and Tesla.
      3. WSJ Calling Pewdiepie a Nazi with fake propaganda edited news where he clearly was just making jokes about all sort of things with his over exaggerated humor, to the point where is show got cancelled and Disney stopped to partner with him, it was a direct attack at him with fake news in order to ruin his career.

      People on Google you should tweet to about WSJ, Make sure to have a good grammar, be mature and very polite when tweeting them about this issue from the perspective of helping them and caring about them stating this is a huge issue..

      The CEO of Google
      The CEO of Youtube (Former Boss at Google ads)
      The CMO at Google
      President, Global Partnerships at Google

      People at Disney to get Pewdiepie back into the partnership with them. Make sure to have a good grammar, be mature and very polite when tweeting them about this issue from the perspective of helping them and caring about them stating this is a huge issue..

      Walt Disney Company
      The CEO of Disney

      I been having a hard time to find more effective ways to contact disney. If you have better ways please comment and I'll add them.

      A Petition already running to get scare Pewdiepie back: Petition · Reinstate PewDiePie's Network & Scare PewDiePie Season 2! ·

      Special thanks to: GradeAUnderA for Information in this "Video"

      Take Action Right now! Share this with everyone the more people the better And thank you for reading. :brofist:

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    • That sounds great! I'm ready to help and I hope everyone can join and show support.

      I've been also thinking about writing An open letter to Youtube/Makerstudios/Disney regarding Scare Pewdiepie Season 2. Then, we all send this same letter to all of their social media accounts, and keep sending them every single day! What you think? -Kinda spamming i know but i thought that might help i don't know- :D

      But first and foremost we need a BIG number of people that are willing to help with that

      I actually was trying to find away we can reach Youtube Red out.
      I couldn't find direct email address, but we can contact them through their sites.. Here you go, that's what I've found:

      Contact YouTube Red & purchases support:
      Contact YouTube Red & purchases support - YouTube Help

      "Scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the Help button.
      In the window that pops up, select Email. You'll only see this option if you're eligible.
      If you don't see the email option, make sure you’re signed in to the channel that's in the YouTube Partner Program. If you still can't contact us, let us know using the Send feedback button."

      - We can contact them through the "Community" section as well:
      And through the comments maybe?

      - Another way to contact Youtube:
      YouTube's phone number
      San Bruno, CA 94066.
      Phone: +1 650-253-0000 | Fax: +1 650-253-0001.
      They also give you a phone number to ring (and, adorably, a fax number)

      Maker studios:

      (Scroll to bottom of page were the contacts info)

      On twitter :

      On Facebook:

      I know maybe it's not the best way to contact them but I thought why not give it a try.. let's try every possible way so at least we do something, right? Please Show Your Support Bros!!
    • @PuryFa reason why I choose twitter and their personal twitters not just the company twitter is because the normal twitter isn't ran by the higher ups and most likely is going to be ignored and even the emails are filled with messages so you will get barely through.

      But personal twitter on other hand doesn't get much responses or tweets and is actually the person you want to tweet, 1 tweet a person, it will be sort of a spam but from a lot of different people who want to solve this issue and like the person.
      Email,phone,support,ect won't do anything as those people answering are at the lowpositions and will ignore it, it has to be direct to the important people.