London New Year's Day Parade Visit??

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    • London New Year's Day Parade Visit??

      Hey there!

      Many of you may be aware that the London New Year's Day Parade is coming up very soon, as it does every year. Many bands travel from all over the world each year to participate in this grand event. This year, I have the honor and privilege of joining my band at the parade (I am not going to write the name of my band here unless people, like, really want to know ). This year's parade is going to be our school's first time participating, and our second invitation. Personally, this will be my first time traveling to London, or traveling outside of the United States period. I am SUPER excited that we have this opportunity, and I can't wait until we leave in a couple of weeks.

      Now I know for a FACT that my marching band has many Pewdiepie fans in it. I have discussed his videos with tons of other fellow band members over my past few years in the band. I myself have been a Bro since THE BEGINNING, when he had that thick accent and was always surprised by his talented videos getting the attention it got. Pewdiepie has really blown up, and I am very proud of him. I know he probably hears this a lot, but he helped me get through some tough times. Watching his videos helped keep me smiling, which contributed to getting me through the days without breaking down. Recently, it saddened me to hear about his unhappiness when recording the L.A. vlogs. I just want the best for him, and I truly hope he can continue doing what he loves and I can continue growing up with him. But enough of this mushy stuff...I know he said he hates traveling up to London but don't you think it would be amazing if he went there to meet all of us band kids who love and adore him? I know I would be touched if he did, and many would be very grateful of the surprise. I notice he does things in the United States, but it's typically far from my location (in Georgia) and I am unable to see him. I am sure other band members would agree that where we live isn't typically a place where YouTubers visit. I could be wrong...You guys can fact check me on that .

      Moral of all of this is that I am looking for support. I am looking for all of YOU Bros to come together and help make this happen for me and my band. Who knows? He may even reach out to some other bands who would love to see him as well. That would be awesome, Pewdiepie reaching the fans who may not have a chance to travel and see him. So I am asking you to comment what you the anything you can to get Pewd's attention. Crowd his store and buy all of his merchandise. Go through and like every single one of his videos. Those of you on Twitter, comment on all of his posts. I am going to make a hashtag for this, and hopefully it will get out...let's use #PewdsToLondon.

      Honestly, I wasn't going to write this or even try to reach out. I thought it was a long-shot. But I have learned that I need to go for it and just try to get the most out of life. Why let this opportunity pass without trying?

      Thanks for reading if you have made it this far, and thank you Pewdiepie for being the amazing man you are. Brofist!


      London New Year's Day Parade Website

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