I'm writing a paper about pewds!!

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    • I'm writing a paper about pewds!!

      Hey so I'm doing a paper about pewds and it would be great if you guys could answer this survey for it. I swear it won't ask you any personal questions besides age and gender. It's on survey monkey so you know it's not spam Pewdiepie endorsing gaming computers Survey I would REALLY appreciate it my paper is due today and this is the last part I need. :thumbsup: thanks to anyone who fills it out!

      BTW it's only 10 questions
    • wow, fundompie, how did it go? I see your thread is from November, but I am curious of how your teacher reacted in the end. February 2017 Pewds has a lot of new chapters to study. Maybe you could edit the essay and tell the teacher to read it, either to get a feedback of your updated writing OR for you (yourself) to get feedback of your teacher. Stay aware of the storm that resides in every human, and most of all, of the one that builds up in yourself.

      PS (a long boring one): This curiosity is from a personal frustration of mine regarding the teachers from my homeland. It feels that when I work hard and I am proud of my homework I get the mediocre grades and when I do sh~tty but in a more relaxed mood work I still get the mediocre grades... I need more proof that I am a mediocre student.
      Either way, I think that pupils/students (after +15) should be able themselves to grade their teachers at the end of each cycle, and that, before the age of 15 - not a fixed aged btw, could be 14, could be 16 as well, in the end it's up for mature youngsters to decide how to correlate age with maturity -, they should be progressively taught and inspired with the results of practice, with values behind actions, and who better to inspire all that than the teacher himself/herself. That imperatively means that the teachers, the educators should be examples themselves of every simple but glorious value that could make any tinny part of the world a better place - values that balance the ~I~ with the ~WE~. The students should therefore also have platforms with access to all the courses, examples, applications, and basically all the virtual versions of the instruments and variety of ways with which mankind's thinking has resisted the parture of time... having all this in an organized form, they should be inspired to research and reform themselves more resourcefully while they are in school. Also, there is a another type of Educator rising - this one in the virtual realm - , the subtle one that acts like an ANTI-example, the jester of smiles and cringe, the virtual heyoka, the goof that tells/portrays the putrid truth of society while society laughs or booe's in ignorance. There's a lot to discuss, maybe someday...