Pinned Suggestions - Items / Character Customization / Overall Ideas.

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    • 1. Items like cameras and microphone should give you a bonus for subscribers or something since its like adding quality to you're videos

      2. There should be items that give you little mini games to play so you don't get bored like cards give you blackjack, the game consoles let you play games, arcade games, etc.

      3. Animal racing. I think it would be really cool if you could pick an animal that you have to customize and upgrade as a side thing and race against others. Just imagine Dat Boi with a top hat and Slippy with a Santa clause hat racing. XD

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    • I know several people have already mentioned this on previous posts, but I think it is worth mentioning again and again until the game includes this feature.

      The friend list needs to be updated so that you can see:

      1. Who you are friends with that is following you
      2. Who you are friends with that is NOT following you
      3. Who is following you that you have not added as a friend

      Get this feature ADDED! Thanks bros.

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    • I wouldn't mind being able to disable sponsor eagle, or at least slowing him down. The rewards are nice and all, but sometimes it's a little too persistent for me.

      Also, I use an older device that tends to lag when there is a lot of effects on the screen. A feature to turn them down/off would be nice.

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    • 1. follower list : to show who is following you

      2. sort things in inventory by theme (dark, beauty, animal, lifestyle, nature, etc)

      3. reset room : completely reset a room, so all things will be saved in your inventory

      4. turn off auto-rotate : to prevent snappie appears just because you accidentally rotate it

      5. keep the scroll bar at position as how it should be, like this :
      you click the inventory icon, scroll the scroll bar to find item X, you pick item X from your inventory, and you cancel to put item X. then, you go back to inventory list, and the scroll bar should be the same like before, showing the item X. NOT showing the 1st item in your inventory, such as item A.

      6. more clothings and hairstyles for female characters

      7. make it possible to buy item without needed to put it in your room first :
      if your room is full, you can't buy anything. so you need to put some items from your room into your inventory to make some space.

      8. sell item

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    • For halloween:
      Pumpkin Head (Tuber Customization)
      Ghost lamp (Maybe make it look similar to napstablook?)
      Spider web rug
      Spider Wallpaper
      Candy corn kawaii plushie
      Candy corn shirt
      Shirt that says in bold letters: COSTUME
      Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein hairstyles
      Puddle of fake blood
      Random assortment of bones
      Graves (Already have a headstone, why not the whole thing?)
      Pet spiders (Tiny ones like the preexisting roaches, as well as ones as big as maya or edgar or slippy.)
      Random puddle of goo that bubbles
      Handcuffs (*insert lenny face here*)
      Those portaits that change to something spooky
      Monochrome brofist poster / rug

      -Views to Bucks exchange so we can afford all the customizations and more, helpful when you dont know what to buy
      -More styles of glasses
      -Sort the items in storage from most recent to least recent so we dont have to scroll and lag the game for a bit pleaseeee :-:
      - Have the option to pick a mascot for your channel: Make one or pick from slippy, maya, and edgar.
      Follow-up: Mascot outfits. (Edgar in a tiny suit and maya in a sundress OMGGGG <3)
      - Vocaloid parodies of hair and stuff
      - Anime.

      Are any of these ideas good? 0_o
      Add Me on Tuber Simulator: ScarletNeon
      1. Different Tuber Styles. Right now, our tuber can only sit at a desk and use a computer. It would be cool if we could have varying styles such as sitting on a couch with a laptop (Like GameGrumps), or standing at a microphone (Like Felix in his vlogs).
      2. More video styles. I think it would add a bit of extra complexity if you could make Food and "review" videos, and add extra perks for those.
      3. Streaming while active. Right now you can only stream when the game has been offline for a while, but sometimes I like to sit and catch sponsor eagle and play puggle for a bit. During the downtimes I should be able to activate the idle or "stream" mode, so I can gain additional views while the game is still open.
      4. Allow notifications to tell you when a video is complete. This is the one I'm surprised about the most. It lets me know when my shipment finally arrives but since several of my videos take over an hour to make I would like a notification when it's finished.
    • A couple suggestions actually!
      1. Walls is probably my number one suggestion, also had read it in the reviews of the game in the App Store! They'd help us organize our stuff into little rooms and it'd just be awesome to do that!
      2. I like how all the actual YouTubers have their own logo! Since you're adding pixel art customization, you might wanna think about adding a little logo feature where we can create our own logos!
      3. Just saying the same thing as everyone here but knowing who added us would be a great feature to have so we can aff those who do "add for add" back! Also to see who doesn't follow us back when we do these kinda trades!

      Overall, amazing and addicting game!