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    • 1. Please add a sort feature inside your inventory. Something like your available items for sports only. Just like in the shop but for the inventory.

      2. Please add a clear room button. This is so you could at least clear your room whenever you feel like renovating it again.

      3. A way to see your followers so people kind enough (like me) to follow back the followers that follow you.

      I hope my suggestions help and please make this happen this would help a lot.
    • Objects: Stephano, Mr. Chair, Pteranodon, more walls and floors, a modern dj console like pioneer, more horror objects or dolls (amnesia monster, outlast monster and something like that). The possibility to have the golden or diamon play button of tuber simulator.
      Minigames: a new minigame like puggle, a game when you can use cash or views to win objects,cash views or rare items.
    • Someone talked about stephano as a new item, thats pretty cool. More Backgrounds would be awesome too.
      Also, more minigames and season themes like in "The Legend of the Brofist" the halloween theme. Sorry for my bad english and

      Poods please verify me im lvl 35 and I have a great room!
    • I would love if you added a backround that looks like a summer sky! You see, I have done a room that looks like a beach ( I added a picture of it ), but there are no perfekt backround for it.

      Thank you reading!
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    • My most important thought is to make cosmetic things more worthy of their price. I bought the saiyan hair (yellow 200 bux) with days of sparing bux, because I'm totally in love with Dragon Ball. That was the first thing i bought, yes, i had the small little room for days. After I realised how expensive the room expanding is compared to the hair, i instantly regret buying the hair. Its just basically a hair, it doesnt do anything cool, while the bird nest hair is animated, and it also costs less. So i'd like to ask you guys to make the expensive stuffs more cool. I mean, come on... the SAIYAN hair... there could be some lighting around it, like in the anime. Or some kind of aura. Or just add an hour refund option for an item / week. I feel like i wasted 200 bux, and its really hard to make bux in late game.
      My another idea is to add some easter eggs to the game. There are some dinosaur eggs. It would be really awesome if they would break if there were candles around it, and random dinosaur came out of it after 24h. The possibilities are infinite in this game.
      Also, the videos you make. You can customize the name of them, but.... seriously, its only fun till you realise it doesnt mean anything. After like lvl 4-5 i was like nah,, why would i set a name if 1, noone can see it, 2, the videos you make wont get any more views once done, so the names of them will fade away.

      Sorry for bad english. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I LOVE YOUR GAME!!!

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    • XP for uploading videos makes the game advance a bit more.
      More ways to get bux (I cant even pay for it coz they havent released it on amazon yet)
      Add the game to the amazon store
      Logo you can customize (Like with bux or something) Coz utubers in the ranks tab got their own so why not let others use it :D
      Also once you follopw people, it would be good if thwrere was like a personal "friends leaderboard" where it is a leaderboard with all your friends ranked by subscribers, also could do a global one
      Some lile queued ordering thing so like if i have an item already being ordered, if i request another item it will be added to the queue and wait for a free spot to order.
      Also the most important thing: MOAR NOTIFICATIONS (So it also tells you if you got gifts, if your recording(s) are done)
    • Would love to have Customizable Sign so you can place on your desk(like your Tuber Name f.ex). (maybe have it able to stick on the front of your desk like a painting if that makes any sense? x) in different colors like neon and other such *art'sy* forms!

      You guys probably tried this, but having something that hangs from ceiling would be cool, like the old meme the wrecking ball or something, or chandelier. x^)

      I have other ideas, but I think I have to make them more detailed, thank you for reading!
    • Ello, i have a few ideas that i thought would be pretty nice :)
      Soo, you guys already have the 'Outerminds' background, poster, .etc
      Why not add a 'Revelmode' background and poster as well? It'd be pretty nice to have the 'Revelmode' background!
      The currency (<-Bux) i think it should be worth is just 50 similar to the other cool ones.
      Now the poster should be introduced during level 15+.
      A brofist mug would be pretty nice as well :)
      The final thing i'd wanna see is for any animal or frog(slippy) duck.etc to be place able on chairs..
      Oh, and please add a feature to where when i click on the storage tab and scroll through everything, the user should have a tab to sort it out by genre.
      Example, if i want a certain plant i'll just click on the plant tab to find it faster. better then scrolling down!
    • Plz add some more random sarcastic comments or dialogues (whatever u call 'em) cuz I like to be insulted and it's funny :) .A and what about ur axolotls,plz add them into the game.Lastly,can Outerminds fix the problem of pressing on items,cuz I can't really press on some small items between other stuff so I had to move everything away just to press.(srry for bad explanation,im not Markiplier)

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