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    • I personally kind of find this to be a minor annoyance, but I can live with it if nothing is done about it. I play this game in the bed some times and I like to lie on my side. When I do this, the screenshot option comes up. Maybe you could put Snappie into the options hotbar? I feel as if that could help a lot with people who turn the device to the side.
    • • A normal wooden door that you can unlock in a low level (maybe level 4 or 5)

      • A sky background with clouds instead of just space and checkers backgrounds.

      • I want to have the price of puggle getting cheaper as how much time the item have left (I mean, it's not fun to pay 20k views on an item that only has 10 minutes left and you pay the same price when there is 6 hour left)

      • Being able to change colors on items. (For example carpets and animals)

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    • I suggest more dark items related to monsters.
      Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, more skeletons, Frankenstein, etc.
      Maybe a slender man like character, jack lanterns, bloody walks, hand prints, floors, splatter, etc.

      Pets too, wolves, none sleeping cats, horses, squirrels, fairies, Pokemon like things, etc.

      Video game stuff similar to Fallout, Skyrim, Yander etc.

      Anime related things.

      Tea set, presents, beds, couches etc.
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    • I think it would be an awesome idea to let people link their youtube channels, if they have one, with their name, similar to how the people on the ranked tubers list have links to their channel. I feel a lot of people playing this game make videos Irl, and a chance to spread and grow your channel while having fun playing a game would be awesome.
    • 1. Streaming skills in the knowledge tree need a serious buff.
      2. Items NEED names of what they are next to them. There's actually some items that I don't even know what they are because they don't give a name for the item.
      3. The prizes you get for passing tubers number 13. Revelmode and up are EXTREMELY minimal. These prizes need a serious buff.
      4. I think the main quest at the top of the quest list (the one with the 2 stars on each side) should give better prizes. The fact that it only gives you 2 buks, 2 brains, and a very very small amount of subscribers is insane. Some examples are for getting to lvl 30 and GETTING 100 BILLION VIEWS (yes this is a real quest). This one is absolutely ridiculous.
      5. We should be able to visit all 3 rooms of a friend if they are all available.
      6. Should be able to "bulk grab" or "bulk pick-up" items to make changing rooms around easier.
      7. We should be able to sort our inventories by trend.

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    • Add a Filter on Inventory Menu (Just like on Shop Filter Tab)
      - cause those people who are using a phone are getting hard on finding the item they want.
      Seasonal Items
      - e.g. Halloween Items, Christmas Items, etc.
      An option to change view in Shop and Inventory menu (2 wide, 3 wide, 1 wide etc)
      - easier to view all items, especially to all players who use phones.
      Artificial Intelligence Pets/Items
      - let all pets/items move by its own.
      - if you place an item on where the pet stands, it will move away quickly.
      - if selecting, it will not move.
      - when you open the room, the pets will return on where you placed them.
      Item Description
      - Would be nice if all items have descriptions.
      Minecraft Stuff
      Illuminati Camera/Item
      - Dark Item
      - Camera

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