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    • 1)Minigames
      :- Puggle is a nice idea for a minigame but i think there could be added some more various Bumpers so it would be more exciting to play it again. Also would be cool if edgar/ maya could put a hat on.
      -Adding more minigames for daily cash would be nice too...

      2) Items i would like to have(if not already implemented): Dakimakuras, Waifu Posters, more hats for the tuber ( Fez, Zylinder, Sombrero, Snapbacks etc. ), swimmingool, Undertale Posters, generally Fandom stuff ( Lightsabers, Pokeballs, Action Figures etc.),
      John Cena Poster etc.
    • Add more animals. Also, please remove time for some items that takes several hours. Cause it costs way to much fake money to use the pug play. Also add people you can buy. Like YouTubers lol. And one more thing, please make a chat so you can talk to the people that follows you. Like on twitter. We need some sort of communication in the game.
    • I'd like to see the following things added to tuber simulator:

      1. Display exp to next level for character and themes
      2. Names of the items displayed in the shop as well as exp earned when it arrives.
      3. Ability to buy items and put them into the inventory without having to place them
      4. I'd like to see sponsor eagle give out brains
      5. I'd like to see sponsor eagle give out free puggle sessions
      6. Puggle: ability to buy new/unlock different random characters
      7. Different puggle boards to add variety

      8. Cheaper room expansions. We have 3 rooms we are allowed to use but the expansions are for 1 room only and if I wanted to upgrade them all to max that's a silly amount of bux. Either cheaper or making the expansion purchase apply to all rooms would be nice.

      9. Streaming needs a buff. Atm I have sponsor and streaming maxed out. But I make more views and subs by just leaving my game open and taping sponsor eagle.

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    • 8) Hi there, a few suggestions and ideas to improve this addictive game:
      • Add more Matrix related stuff, like screens, Mr Smith kinda bodyguards, more sunglasses Matrix style, also I really need a matrix code wallpaper and floor.
      • Please: Add more HAIRSTYLES, crazy modern ones specially, and more hair colors we really pay attention to how our character looks.

      • Maybe add more mini games? We're getting seriously addicted to the game.

      • It would be awesome if you can add different 8bit music tones to the rooms, that we could buy, so the music matches our "theme".

      • Did I mention I needed more Matrix stuff?

      • I think some more creepy/scary stuff would be great, like knifes, and definitely more blood, oh and scary masks I'm collecting them.

      • Last, if you could add crazy stuff, like creepy mental hospital related. Hospital beds, psychiatric wallpaper and floor kinda style, think of Evil Within having a baby with Silent Hill basically.
      That would be all, hope you guys like my ideas, and that it becomes real! :brofist:
    • 1. If Hensley is in the game, you should add the Pewdiepie one ;)

      2. You should add the diamond play button, that would be awesome in my opinion. :thumbup:

      3. I think you should add more mini games

      4. More clothes, hairstyles? :saint:

      5. Like you probably said, you should name the items in the shop.

      6. And if we're talking about adding new items, you should also add Stephano!

      7. Another thing, which i would love to and that would made me happy, if it happens, is if you can make another comments in the game. Like I want more sarcastic, or whatever things from you when I, we, finish those quests, not only on the main one. If you know what I'm talking about. :?: :?:

      Yeah, I think that's all.
    • i wanna suggest that you can chat with your friends, except verified ones like pewds and marzia ect.7

      I also wanna suggest that we can combine some items together like i can put a item under the chair or under the table.

      I hope this halloween and christmas we could get like limited edition items only for a limited time you can buy it.

      I also wish that i could move my character when im visiting my friends house and that i could interact with the items.

      Pleass make us be able to see who is following us

      And ofcourse...... Pleaaaaasssee make a Stephano display item
    • ryleew wrote:

      1. Increase the maximum number of friends we are allowed to add. 100 is just not enough :D
      2. A sell function!!
      3. Include what we already had in inventory whenever we are at the buy page. I always forgot that I already had this item in my inventory. It's a hassle to keep scrolling back to the inventory page to see what we already had. It would really awesome if you could categorize the inventory page too.
      4. A LIFE SIZE PEWDIEPIE CARDBOARD!! If there's an ainsley one, WHY NOT A PEWDIEPIE ONE??
      5. Collab system - that would be dope to be able to collab videos with other tubers. Probably happens when we visit other people's room. I mean, we visit other tubers' rooms but can't do anything and just look at what they created. It would be great if there's more interactive function when we visit other tuber's room.
      6. A chat function with friends?
      7. Some items in the game can't be placed on flat platform, like for example, I would like to be able to place a barrel on the chair. More freedom on such functions please. I think it would be more fun that way.
      8. A lootcrate similar type of box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be really awesome to be able to unbox them and we can get new stuffs every month according to a specific theme.
      9. The function to change your furniture colors. Because WHAT IF I WANT A PURPLE DINOSAUR???
      WOW these are some fantastic suggestions! :thumbsup: :brofist: