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    • From what I have seen the following updates seem to be in high demand:
      1. Seeing who on your friend list is following you back
      2. Being able to filter our inventory chest. For example, if I want to look up comedy items, I could click on the laughing face and only comedy items would show.
      3. When looking in the shop, have a system to show what you have bought already.
      4. Turn off auto rotate. Irritating.
      5. Ability to clear a room of ALL items. As a precaution, include an undo button.
      6. Add Stephano.
      7. Allow items to be placed on chairs/sofas.
      8. Be able to create a logo for your own channel. Then the option to buy a poster with your logo on it to put on the wall. Or a ability to add the logo to your desk or screen, etc.
      9. Have names for the items.
      10. The desk seems somewhat inadequate. Surely a bigger desk with screens side by side would be better. Also have cameras that can be mounted on to the desk but placed behind the screen and look over it. Same with the microphones. In other words, more realistic.
      11. Have pets move about and interact with the different items.
      By the way, I love this game in it's current format. Adding any of the above will simply be the icing on the cake! Thanks!!!

      1: Add the option to sort out your inventory by theme.
      2: Add a "delete all" button (which I think is already coming in the next update)
      3: Add more rooms (at least two more so we have five total)
      4: Give more freedom to zooming in and out. I think that would be better instead of having only 8 different zooming options.

    • 1. Followers List: So you would know who's following you and other people can know who's I following them

      2. Reset Room: If you're too lazy to cleep up your room and pick up all the shit that Slippy and Edgar have left around, there would be a button for that

      3. Sell Item: If you don't want an item that you bought you can sell it for views and or subscribers or you could have a bootleg Amazon little tab in the store and you could just sell it there that would be cool

      4. Different Tuber Styles: Since we're getting pixel art soon, it would be cool if you added different styles of how Tuber sit or stand like sitting on a couch like GameGrumps or stand up in front of a green screen or something

      5. More Video Styles: Please add more video styles like "reaction" or "food" videos with more perks so there could be a little difference in your videos section
    • Ok, here it goes:
      The price for puggle goes down along with the time: it's really annoying to pay the inicial price when there's only like 2h left;
      I want to put maya, edgar and slippy in a chair!!!;
      A way to sell stuff that you don't want anymore;
      Add more minigames;
      Add more youtubers to the leaderboard for us to beat them;
      Turn off auto-rotate (it's so ANNOYING);
      More ways for us to get verified;
      And, the most important: there should be a way to see your followers, PLZ, so we can see who is really following us!

      I really LOVE the game, I'm addicted!
      (Sorry if there is any misspellings in my text :/ )

      My username: mmardybum. Add and let me know then I'll add you back!

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    • 1. Show the actual number of views after hitting the million would be cool. Cuz having a static number all the time becomes so boring when you spent your time checking this number constantly growing, it gave a kind of dynamic.

      2. Put a filter in the Event. Like " you need to be at least lvl 10 to enter this event". This will purge at least the 1/3 of contestants who puts 2 goddamn boxes and 3 pillows on a bed and send their rooms after that. The vote process is cool, but it's so BORING because of them.
      Spent 2 hours checking for cool rooms and had to only like 4 of them and report 1 for usebug, my battery isn't dying for that.

      3. Improving the items we have already would be cool. For example :
      -We would select an item in room by clicking the actual item and not its hitbox
      -Creating a new way to make different items interact would be great too. For example, instead of randomly throwing a box everywhere and hoping this would go on a pile I already made, I would select it and then double tap the box at the top of the pile/ any box on the pile to make it go to the top.
      -We need a new hitbox for the bottles so we can make a pile with it. Srsly I saved 45 of them, I just need this and I gonna get such a cool wall Trump is gonna get mad at me boii.
      - Make different colours/style for plushes/chairs would be good if we don t get other plushes/chairs to buy. And the limit on certain items is weird :
      10 blue plushes max
      But idc if u buy the entire Pizza Hut of your city for yourself

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    • Some things I'd like to see:

      - More Puggle-like games (my favourite part!)
      - A way to see who is following me
      - A option of swatches for furniture/item colours
      - A tiara accessory
      - Antlers accessory
      - Cat ears accessory (alternative to the cat hood)
      - Cookies item
      - Ice cream sundae
      - Strawberry milkshake
      - Coffee cup or tea cup item
      - Geometric vases
      - For Maya to be able to sit on the chair (she's old and tired and deserves better than a floor pillow)
      - Sailor moon (magical girl) wand collection to decorate the walls
      - Ian Malcom's reclining Jeff Goldblum pin-up poster... for reasons
      - Dalahästar
      - Russian nesting dolls
      - Unicorn
      - More cute Japan style toys (i.e. Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Alapacasso, Hello Kitty etc)
      - Bats! for Hallowe'en

      Sorry if these already exist and I've just yet to unlock them. It would be cool to get Tuber 'play' buttons (or pause, stop, record, eject... something that won't get you all sued needlessly) - delivered by a majestic bearded man on a horse and a tasteful amount of glitter.
    • Mosrackyn wrote:

      2. Put a filter in the Event. Like " you need to be at least lvl 10 to enter this event". This will purge at least the 1/3 of contestants who puts 2 goddamn boxes and 3 pillows on a bed and send their rooms after that. The vote process is cool, but it's so BORING because of them.
      THANK YOU. I am so happy I'm not the only one who is annoyed by the 100 level 3 rooms that you have to go through before getting to a good room. THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.