PewDiePie Please Do A SHOUTOUT For Channels Under 100 Subscribers

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    • Not a good idea. If everyone did that, then they'd need to have some decent videos of whatever they plan to do.

      Pewds only focuses on channels that could have potential to make it big, so thats why he (probably) only goes with 500+ subscribers
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    • #DJShRiMaAn wrote:

      Pew Die Pie PLease Do A Shoutout Contest For New Channels Which Are Under 100 Subs But Are Still Unique And Create Good Content :)
      A competition for people with a decent following would make sense, but UNDER 100 subs..? erk.. no.
      By the time someone has become a "good" and "frequent" content creator on youtube, they already have over 100 subs.
      The entries would be 99% shit for sure.
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    • I think that channels under 100 subs should give a shoutout to pewds because frankly he can use all the help he can get.

      Alone we are <100 subs..

      But together..

      We are at least 20 subs..

      We should use our power for good not evil.
    • I agree with one of the guys above... while this is a good thought in theory, I understand why Pewds would only shout out people with at least 500-1000 subs...

      when you're under 100 subs, you're almost definitely NOT fully commited to uploading quality content regularly.. and if you are, it means you haven't been doing it for that long..

      Youtubers want to work with other youtubers who are committed, and who are in this for the long haul. I'm speaking form personal experience.. I've had my channel for 9 years, but have only started taking it seriously 2 months ago. That's when the real growth happened.

      My channel is also small, (2k) but I know that I'm going to grow regardless of any shout-outs.. though they would be nice! lol