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    • Support Malcolm1466 ♡ BRO ARMY ♡

      Hi guys. I'm writing because many people did not bother to realize that Malcolm and his team setup a fundraiser. Because Malcolm needs money to help him get treatment from multiple diease and health problems, he has, I'm trying to raise awareness & ask if the Pewdiepie community can spread the word to help Malcolm.

      Here is Pewdiepie video,

      If you want to see Malcolm video about the issue, here you go

      If you want to learn more about Malcolms fundraiser, here is the link: Malcolm1466 Fundraiser by malcolm 1466

      If everyone as a communtiy tweet out to Pewdiepie showing him this fundraiser, we could really help Malcolm. I'm sure Pewdiepie would be really happy if he saw this fundraiser. Thank you guys! #BROARMY