Greetings everyone!!!

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    • Greetings everyone!!!

      Hello everyone!

      I go by the handle of Chore_Cho as you can see. It's pronounced "Cho-reh" and not "Chore" as in washing dishes or cleaning up your room. :D

      I started watching gaming channels in Youtube back in the "good old days" where the most popular guys were RinryGameGame (whose channel is sadly discontinued) and AVGN.

      The Indie gaming scene and the YouTube community inspired me to create my own content and being a camera-shy guy that I am, I decided to get into game development.

      I figured I'd try to make a name for myself in the mobile market releasing free games before I try to create something I'm going to be charging money for. In fact, I recently released my first game on Android but I have yet to make it reach it's target audience.

      I hope to be able to create more things that'll make people smile, learn what gets positive feedback from people and put that into game form as I interact with you guys.

      Nice to meet you all! ;)
      Hi guys. I need people to test my Android game.
      Download Link: HERE