Best horror games ever! Need some suggestions

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  • Best horror games ever! Need some suggestions

    I don't know about you bros but i'm definitely into horror games. But Im just gaming for the past 3 years or so. I've heard about the all-time best horror games but i'm actually confused. I can play PC and PS4. I was suggested "silent hill" by one of my friends and it was awesome. I need games like that. Not too many stupid jump scares, a captivating story (Am i asking for too much here?!) and yeah, lots of mindfuckery.

    What games would you bros suggest?
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  • Hi bro. For me, I think Clock Tower is the best horror game. It has it own unique style which can't be found in many modern horror games. It's true that this game is just a point and click game but I think it scarier than resident evil as that time(PS1). It also has many scary scenes.

    Edit: I forgot that Pewds play Clock Tower too!
    So, please check his video :

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  • For me , one of the best horror games ever is Until Dawn , and it's for PS4 too ..
    It's about 7 teenagers - Josh , Ashley, Chris , Hannah , Beth , Mike and Jessica .. They are having party at Josh's partent's lodge on a mountain called Blackwood Pines .. Ashley , Beth , Jessica and Mike are pranking Hannah because she has a crush on Mike .. When she finds out she is going to run away and her sister Beth goes after her .. When she finally finds Hannah , a strange creature called Wendigo is chasing them .. SPOILER ALERT :

    They will both die , BUT Hannah is still alive somehow and she will eat her sister , and if u eat a human u will become a Wendigo .. So by the end both Hannah and Josh are Wendigos .

    The story depends from your actions , and there are many possibilities and stories
  • Ohh yes. So that's where "The Wendigo" is from.
    I've been thinking i've seen that thing and heard that name somewhere.
    In fact I've played Until Dawn, it's a really great game. Butterfly effect makes it more random and things like that.
    But it lacks some horror elements. At the beginning the story gets a really good headstart but then when (I dont rem that guy's name) one of those teens, who lost his sister is actually playing a prank on them, i went "FUUCK, they could've done something better"

    if you ask me to name a complete horror game, I would say "Alan Wake" without blinking.
    but I'm tired of playing it. I'm in search for a better game or atleast it's replacement.

    And yeah, to XthemeCore. Clock tower is pretty amazing for a point and click game. I'm playing the 95 edition. the first installment.
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  • For PC I would definitely suggest Amnesia The Dark Descent (I'm suggesting this even if you've heard of it 8) ) and it may be coming or already on PS4, but IDK, there are few jump scares but it's an environmental fear most of the time while playing and you're defenseless against the enemies and there are practically infinite modded stories for it.

    Another game I would suggest is actually a multiplayer game titled Dead by Daylight which is also a PC title, but due to it being multiplayer it's really only worth it if you have others that have the game.

    Finally I would suggest any of the main Resident Evil games and again I'm suggesting this even if you know of it lol :thumbup:
  • This is a link to all the free horror games on steam

    If your a PC horror game buff on a low budget there is a ton of enjoyable horror games free on steam! :thumbsup:
    Some of the titles in this aren't exactly horror but have been labeled so however it's fairly easy to know which ones are and aren't by the pictures and videos of the game and you'll be able to get a good idea of what the game is typically. Not going to lie though some of them are asssssss!!! :evil: however like Cartman (if that's even how it's spelled) from South Park has said "You got to wade through the dicks to find an amazing friend".