Favorite FNAF Spinoff

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    • Favorite FNAF Spinoff

      Hows it going everyone!
      Just wanted to make a thread to see what Five Nights At Freddy's fan made games you have played. Basically I'm curious to see what people have played and what they enjoyed about the spinoff game. :thumbsup: This is also a way to highlight other FNAF spinoff games people might want to play.

      I have played:
      1)The Joy Of Creation: Reborn - I liked this one because it takes a game that is normally a point and click stationary game and turns it into a free roam horror game. Unfortunately it's not finished yet so no goals. But from what I have played, it's pretty terrifying and I look forward to what it's creators bring to the table in later updates.
      2)Final Nights 2: The Sins Of Our Fathers - This game, much like its original, is another point and click game. However the graphics are boosted and the mechanics are slightly different which makes it new and fun. I also love the story line so far and the idea that you get a sort of choose your own adventure based on your decisions during cut scenes. At least that's what I have gathered thus far from playing it.

      I know not a huge list but I'm just starting out. So which ones have you played? :?: Thanks!
    • I've played quite a few. By that, I mean nearly all of them. Five Nights at Candy's, Those Nights at Rachels, Five Nights at Treasure Island and Bonnie Simulator are my favourites for the moment whilst I try to complete the original series.
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