Life Is Strange to *Love* Is Strange!

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    • Life Is Strange to *Love* Is Strange!

      Hey, guys!
      Today I saw this really interesting post on my Tumblr dashboard. A different team created a game inspired by "Life Is Strange" and called it "Love Is Strange". It has some of the same characters as LIS, but since it's not made by the same team, it doesn't play the same (if that makes sense...) I know some of you fellow bros enjoyed LIS and thought that you would also like this spin-off game. (I'm going to leave the link to the original post about "Love Is Strange" below.) I literally just started playing this game—I'm only a few lines of dialogue in lol—so I'm not quite sure JUST yet if you guys will enjoy it. It seems interesting, though, and I just wanted to spread the word!! I hope you all have a great day/night!!

      Brofist. :brofist:

      Love is Strange