Youtubers, Who/what inspires you?

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    • Who/What inspired me to attempt youtube? I'd have to say the idea started when I was younger I would love to watch Sark, Seananners, and Hutch on Machinima Respawn and these guys reminded me of me and my online gaming friends. I remember the rise of YouTube and watching it grow and thinking if only I could be a part of this, but due to my age my parents wouldn't allow me plus when I was allowed to join websites on the internet I was grounded... a lot (Some of which due to me having joined websites when I wasn't supposed to). Now what else inspires me about youtube and to attempt to become a youtuber myself is the joy most youtubers bring to the communities.
    • Well, I haven't done many videos but what inspired me to start making videos in the first place was probably Jack igniting some OLD OLD memories inside of my brain. And I mean old like several years back when I first saw youtube, like 8 years ago I think? I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to make some sort of video?" of course it was more like "Would be cool to make a video" or "Making a video, cool." since I tried to shorten out every sentence I ever made which I think was a good idea. But, I didn't exactly know how to do it back then and I didn't have any way to record it so that it was enjoyable either way. But then fast forwarding to now when what I have is at least better than what I had then.

      So basically Jack inspired me by reigniting that long lost thought I had, though I guess I should be more active about it but I slowly developed into a pessimist over the years and now I think that it's kinda useless but whenever I see the view count has at least risen from yesterday it kind of makes me happy. Not because it really matters what the view is as a number but more the thought that an individual clicked my video, perhaps out of a mistake or out of interest. I'm kinda bad at formulating words but, what I mean essentially is that I know an individual gave my video a chance. I don't mean it like a chance of making me get more famous or anything but a chance of me spreading the thing that originally flared my interest in this subject "Wouldn't it be cool to make a video?" Which evolved from me seeing my very first lets play on youtube. This was what my friend showed me too, it was Pewdiepie. His very first Amnesia episode. That got me hooked, I obviously had no account but I made one like a month or so later. I still have that account to this day which is the one I use. So a combination of Pewdiepie, JackSepticEye and all of the other lets players I have seen.

      A goal I have? To be more active. Get more positive, start becoming more optimistic. Though, you probably mean more channel positive goals which would be to have like 10 subscribers. I mean, wouldn't it be cool? I would have 10 individuals (I hope they are at least) that liked my video and more importantly liked me as a person, not saying I'm more important than my content which I'm not but I'm part of the content which I want to use to entertain people and what better way to get that pat on your back than with a like or a subscribe. What it says to me is that a person, an individual. A living being liked my content so much that they decided they wanted to see more. It's on another level from just a view. But this kinda derailed, didn't it? And obviously I don't take a view lightly just saying that while a view would make me smile for days and sometimes even cry like a few days ago, but a sub for me would mean a person I can entertain even if maybe not daily but maybe every other day. This would bring tears to my eyes. This kinda became long now as well but... I'll see you all sometime. *Realizes my outro is literally just Markiplier's and that I should change it *

      Note: I should really become more active. I did make a promise to upload once a day afterall... Maybe next year I'll do it consistently all the way through haha?
      <3 Youtube <3

      ...Why is this text here?
    • I started on YT mainly because of Pewds years ago (2013), after that, I got way too much inspired by Mark & Jack, love'em :3

      Oh... Also by GameGrumps ofc ;)
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    • There's some youtubers I used to watch that kinda got me started, I'm sure none of you know about these since they're Swedish and aren't doing youtube anymore for diff reasons.
      Anyhow, those people are : Pixelpiraterna, Morfar, Dilfen.
      I guess Pewds played somewhat of a role aswell, but honestly. 5-ish years ago I was too afraid to click on those amnesia thumbnails lol. Some friends at school got me to start watching him later on tho :) #noregrets
      I did most of my content during 2011-2013, can't say I've done that much after that... A few videos have popped up, but my following is as dead as Harambe so barely anyone has seen them lol.
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