Youtubers, Who/what inspires you?

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    • Youtubers, Who/what inspires you?

      Subject pretty much says it all. Who/what inspired you or still inspires you to make content? For me it was Markiplier who kind of finally pushed me into doing let's plays in the hopes of one day getting to do charity events like him but I think now it is more jacksepticeye and his story that have been my inspiration to keep going. In such a bogged down industry it can really be hard for some of us to keep our heads above water but I feel like making a goal or finding someone to look up to and just following their example (following their example, not mimicking their every move) can really help you to keep going. I finally recently set a goal for myself on where I personally want to be by the end of the year (better gaming rig in my second bedroom opposed to the living room, new camera, softbox for better lighting on my face) and even a subscriber count (2,000 though I might not make it I can at least use the results as a growing pain) and have really been using Jack's success as an inspirational point in my mind. Granted I know that he definitely deserved to be where he is at and it might never happen like that for me I still need to be able to tell myself that I can do it if I try hard enough!

      What about you guys though? Did you make goals for this year? Is there someone that really helps push you to better yourself every day in your content?
    • I've been addicted to youtube since Smosh released the Pokemon Theme parody, they kinda made me wanting to start my own channel, but back then I wasn't really confident enough to do it. A few years later I started watching Pewdiepie and I really liked the Idea to play games and record my reactions, but then I thought it would be pretentious and people wouldn't care about me so I deleted the very first video I had done before even posting it. Then a while later I started watching Jacksepticeye, thanks to Pewd's shoutout and I trully liked the way he was interacting with his community. At the same time I knew I was about to quit my job so I was thinking it would be a good thing for me to find a hobby that would force me to keep working at the same time (i'm a graphic designer) so hey I thought I could work hard on videos and that I could be an amateur cheap version of Jack haha. I don't have any real goals except maybe having fun and post at least 4 times a week, I know I'll never be famous and stuff so I'm just here to have a lot of fun and share my content with whoever wanna join the train ^^
    • For me, I watch a lot of music videos by some of my favourite musicians (Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, The Cab etc), then I watch a load of people playing a variety of games.

      I guess I look for the reactions that people have to certain aspects and I tend to analyse what their face, words and body gestures tell their audiences. After doing that, I apply it to my work as a sort of criteria.

      It's quite a good process to do, and it helps you to understand what people would like without you being another clone of a certain youtuber
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    • It was Markiplier at first for me too Jonnii, I loved how much he cares about his community and how much he tries to give back through charity work. But kinda like you, I started watching Pewds and saw the shoutout video for Jacksepticeye, and he has been a recent inspiration to me. It's awesome how he's build him self up from really not much more that a small shack out in the woods, I believe he even calls it that in one of his vlogs. One thing I love about all 3 of them is that they all seem genuine, they've just dialed their personalities up to 11 :)

      I've started doing exactly what Tophat was saying, I know I can be a bit stiff in my videos so now I'm trying to loosen up a little and be more animated, but I want them to be genuine reactions and gestures. I've watched plenty of youtubers who are overreacting who have 1 million plus subscribers and it doesn't seem genuine at all, that still generally pushes me away from them.
    • I know how you feel man. It is totally fine to overreact and get crazy but there can easily be a limit as well as a point where it just feels too fake for my liking. When I watch videos I like to feel like I am literally sitting in the room with this person and sometimes I just can't handle the craziness. I've been getting a lot more active lately but still trying to be reasonable.

      .. well except for when I punched my camera after my SUPERHOT part 2 lets play but I still don't regret that choice.
    • Istarted my YouTube videos a few years ago as a creativeoutlet/response to a boss who was being an @$$hole. So, I reachedback to my happy teen years, and remembered how funny it was (SARCASMALERT) when I puked from dip tobacco, and my college years when I(GRUESOME TRUTH ALERT) was nearly thrown out of my fraternity fordrinking too much -- ah, the 'salad days' (Saladdays - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Thingsgot better, but I still kept up creating videos with laughable greenscreen (and other) special effects as well as self-depreciated jokes.
    • Honestly, for me, it was Cry and SeaNanners who made me want to start making videos. Cry's channel is just a cool chill place to go and watch a video. He plays whatever he wants and people watch him. SeaNanners just looks like he's having so much fun when he plays games. I just want to enjoy my time playing games and I want my channel to be a nice place to come, sit down and watch a video or two... hell even 5 if you want. Come sit down, enjoy the game with me, tell your friends if you think they would enjoy it too. That's what I want from my channel.

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    • for me the insipration came from multiple people actually. mostly pewds and markiplier. but after seeing one video of jelly and kwebbelkop and those guys i realised that i could have so much fun with youtube. even though i dont have friends who will play with me while talking english ofc. but for now im having fun and its a mere hobby. i want to meet some awesome people i can one day establish a network with. no matter if its non famous people, that would be even better.
      i dont even have a lot of subscribers :D around 30-35 ^^.
      but yea. mostly markiplier and pewds for sure :D

      - YouTube
    • Markiplier, Jack and Pewds in that order.

      I would like to make money from YouTube so I can actually do it full time. And at last it is starting to pick up.
      I have unfortunately have to post every other day due to my busy schedule trying to get into acting..

      ..and I've already bagged a gig at a local theater and I may even be on a reality show.. but we'll see.

      But.. not to veer off subject.. I just liked to make videos, and I like to see that people are enjoying them with me. :D
    • Well i have always watched pewdiepie so at first he was my inspiration, i tried to do some youtubing but i didnt stick with it and i didnt think i was funny enough etcetera. but then i noticed jacksceptieye, he had really great charisma(a little annoying sometimes) but he rlly got me to go back into this whole youtube thing. markiplier may have been an insipration im not sure why but it feels like it :D so basically the Trio :)

    • There are a few Youtubers that inspired me, but the most is my self I always wanted to create Tech review videos , and I love doing everything myself from scratch from recording to editing to doing my seo research it is a really a passion of mine. One day I hope I have a decent more subscriber because my dream is to be doing this full time ,and that will keep me inspired forever.
    • The thing is, people who actually want my videos inspire me to make videos. Which is why I don't make a lot of them at all sometimes due to lack of motivation to create it for a non existent audience. Nobody's going to watch it, so why make it? This seems negative, but in reality, I just think it's just plain common sense. But when I do muster up enough false confidence to make a video, I work DAMN hard on it, and completely forget about everything else that's going on in my life, as a result, I'm proud of my videos. :)