How's It going bro's! My name Is LowJax

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    • How's It going bro's! My name Is LowJax

      Hi everyone, My name is LowJax, I entered the intro competition, but I also wanted to get more involved here. I'm a new youtuber! I was Inspired by markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I started about...3 months ago and have had so many people supporting me and I couldn't thank them enough for it! I'm still learning, I am no expert at editing or photoshop! I was kind of just taught myself as I went along. I do want to say Thank you for all you bros that watched my Entry to the competition! Thank you guys so much! Some of you guys even left some comments and I was so thrilled to hear what you guys had to say. If you didn't see my entry, I took my (Mascot?) Jose The slice of bread from my I am bread Series I got going on my channel, and entered him! He is also in other videos I have going on, Like I put him in superhot the indie game. A slice of Bread with a gun? Si senior. My Youtube is If you guys ever want to come visit! I'd love for you guys to join me sometime! Gracias Bros!