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    • One of the reasons I looks up to pewds is because of how well he can manipulate his views. Even if he doesn't know it (which I sure he does because he is actually smart) he has it down to a science of what to put out to stay on top. Speaking as an old man, yeah, most of the content I don't really watch because I don't like that new style humor that is what YouTube is. But i respect the DUCK out of Pewdiepie for pretty much creating an absolute corner on the YouTube market. Pewds will always be historic and memorable, long after his most likely strange freakish, and probably sexual death.

      I of course do videos in my own style with my own personality, trying to break the barrage of similar things, but even I would cater slightly to demands of fans (if I had any right?) but only as far as checking out games or trying things that I myself would be interested in. Of course no one will ever be as successful as Pewds, and again that's why I like him so much.
    • Pewds has that spectrum when it comes to making videos. He can make the stupid and cringey videos that other youtubers wouldn't make, but then he can make serious videos that relates to real life situations.

      It's great how he can do that and have the freedom to do so.
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