What is the best way to gain real audience without help?

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    • Consistency is a big thing. If you're consistently throwing out content and you seem like you are enjoying yourself even without the views then people will start to notice. Another thing at the end of videos thank them for spending the time to watch the video and tell them if they enjoyed and would like to see more to hit that subscribe button for more videos in the future.

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    • Zed(Kiri) wrote:

      Consistency is a big thing. If you're consistently throwing out content and you seem like you are enjoying yourself even without the views then people will start to notice. Another thing at the end of videos thank them for spending the time to watch the video and tell them if they enjoyed and would like to see more to hit that subscribe button for more videos in the future.
      I don't feel really good engaging with people at the time because I feel noone cares anyway (because all my viewers are youtubers) so I would be pretending and fake. I avoid it until I get real fans and what I say is legit from the heart!


      Ooo! I have tubebuddy but never noticed this feature! This thread has been really helpful, thanks everyone!

      Hope we helped other people with same questions and if other people have any other interesting things on the subject, it would be awesome to hear!

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    • The solution to such a problem is luck and time. There is no magic formula, it may months, years, centuries...or it may never happen , look at youtube as an art form, only those the best and the luckiest get somewhere with it.

      And well channels with 95% sub4sub audience probably have that problem cause their channel in one way or another targets more wannabe youtubers than people looking for specific gaming content. How? Well channels that simply do videos without a theme, that may work for vlogers, but for gaming audiences it's a problem . Let's take pewdiepie as an example , he got his fame and glory from the specific delivery of commentary over gameplay, so it really doesn't matter what he plays if he delivers the gameplay in his way.

      Now channels that want to do that most of the time...well fail. Mostly cause they literally have nothing special in the way of delivery , game selection , and they could be defined as just a bad copy of pewdiepie and similar youtubers. These channels are easily defined by un-natural plastic-like mechanical commentary that is too forced to be funny, and games that the mainstream youtubers have played the latest.

      So yeah, if you have a problem like this and if you maybe found yourself in my soulless trashing of milions of people with a dream, you just need to find your original you , it that simple but not easy . It takes a lot of time to find yourself as a creator and a lot of time to master the field you want to create in.
    • nice observations. Yeah I'm thinking too that it's waste of time to go around channels showing yourself because there is no growth and the only way would be consistence until someone see you ( if you have quality content).

      Personally I am natural on my videos and that is my personality (well a bit exaggerated because I entertain, even if it has become part of me now) for example even if I'm with my friends hanging out real life I would say the same silly immature jokes :P I think in time anyway you will get exposed from small details if you are fake.

      Lastly I think that now we are at the youtube time that it's hard to grow very big because people have already their favourite professional youtubers and there barely have time for them. So only if you get shown from them there is a chance.
    • Depends on many factors in my opinion.
      - Consistency in uploading, keeping a good schedule.
      - Video quality, because people won't watch a game in 240p.
      - The character/personality of the person doing the videos. No, you don't have to be just funny, you have to be communicative, talk about a lot of things and be friendly and positive.
      - Publicity - This is my problem, I have 69 subs and yeah, I'm really happy, I got some positive comments on my channel which are not youtubers looking for a sub4sub
      Community interaction - I always engage in conversation with people who honestly commented on my channel, not asking for a "check my channel" stuff, who were just nice and so. Try to build a good community.
      Those are some of my factors, there are more though.
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    • Raffee wrote:

      It's actually possible to gain views and subscribers without getting any shoutout from a big YouTuber or collabing with fellow content creators. I've never gotten any shoutout nor have I collabed with anyone on YouTube, but I managed to get bigger because some of my videos (kind of) exploded in views (compared to the rest of my videos) because they got recommended in other related videos. Of course it's not an instant process. The only tip I can share is to keep making good-quality videos. You'll never know which one of them might end up in the recommended section. Usually the one that we least expect to gain views is the one that will gain the most views. Also, the good thing about this is that you know the people who subscribed to you did so because they enjoy your videos, not because someone else is telling them to :thumbup:
      Very well said Raffee! :) I was just about to say the same. I dont have any videos that have went "viral" for myself but I've seen other YouTube friends that have experience that! Most of them usually makes the same kind of content over and over, and by doing so, they have exploded in a few month time! :)

      PINEHONEY wrote:

      Title, Tags, Description, Engaging content. Put relevant tags accordingly to what your video is about. No point making a cute cat video and adding the tag ''brofist''. Try to think of titles and tags where there isn't so much competition from other creators, but still has some decent traffic. Also if you put the best titles, tags and description that puts you on the top of the search results but your content is shit and not engaging, your video will end up having the lowest watch time compared to your competition, ultimately putting you down the search results. That's my advice hope it helps :)
      Another awesome tips! Another YouTube friend told me about the importance of SEO the other day, and how he manage to get his videos up on the first search page on YouTube. Theres a ton of great tutorial videos out there how to properly tag a video. But as a lot of others have already mentioned, its really important to use relevant tags and not trick the system. I have never had any luck on this but I guess you have to have a bit of luck as well! oh well I wish you all success man :) Never give up! :D
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    • Yeah SEO seems to be really important for success. Most new people come from YouTube searches! And also its kind of obvious but for gamers they need to upload potentially promising games as fast as possible from their release.

      Personally its kind of hard to do that though because havent found legitimate source yet for popularity of games in YouTube.only when your favourite youtubers but till then is too late. And there are other places rather than steam with games.

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    • Stop using so called video promotion communities. Rather search communities that are interested in the content you make. This can be in forums, Facebook groups, G+ communities or subreddits. Build up a reputation there and only then start to post links to your content. But don't post your everyday crap. Only choose your best of the best with honours sir!
      Then revisit your YouTube analytics, check which traffic sources have the worst audience retention and sort them out. Cut your videos down to a length that audience retention is overall high. Then YouTube will start to rank your video higher in search and recommendations and you will finally reach other audiences.
    • DON'T sub4sub, people ussually bring up things like consistency, tags, quality, and yes those things help (a lot). But ultimately it's all about luck to get traffic to your channel and thus subscribers if upload quality videos. It's almost like trying to win a lottery

      For tags: this might be helpfull(or maybe not) to check if people search for certain keywords: google.com/trends/
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    • Metal-Warrior wrote:

      Make dem vids and dem subs wil start growing
      Ehmm.. no they wont start growing. Im doing youtube for 1.5 years and still noone cares because 90% of my viewers are other youtubers that care about their own channel, its not like the old days that you made 5 videos and had 10k subs now people have their standard youtubers they love and if you don't have friends or find a sneaky way to grow (which Im avoiding because I want to be proud of how i grow not grow because I manipulate viewers or other youtubers) Its really hard even if you have high quality videos. :)
    • What up Punks? LittleJayBerry here,

      What has helped me has been using other media to my advantage.. for example.. the simple fact that I am utilizing the "Broarmy.net" website to engage with other people will bring in potential views.

      I am on Secondlife, and I use this too to post my content for people to see.

      I also buy business cards and pass them around IRL so I am more known locally..

      ..if you think about this.. being known locally, that's where you should start. See everyone seems to go to YouTube to advertise.. this is not bad, it's good, but, think of a big time YouTuber.. now do some research on them. You may start seeing a pattern that they got known in their local area.. and it branched out, usually within a year or two, (because this stuff does take time unfortunately.. and as humans we are impatient) and they skyrocketed.

      You want to be persistent. I have a lot of subscribers according to some people.. I posted content for like 2 people. Only 2. Was that discouraging? If I was one of those people that robot talk and say "Not at all! You perform for all audiences.. even if it's for only one person!" I'd be a dang liar. Yes.. I enjoyed that 2 people liked my work.. but yes I was discouraged.. I have always wanted to be an actor.. I want to be noticed and seen. We all do. We hate the feeling that hardly anyone cares about the effort we pour into our work.

      You will have to work your dang butt off. Save money, buy some decent equipment, a good studio mic can run about 60$ and up. I bought a Casio studio mic. Get some Editing software, Bandicut works nice.. but doing a search for "Programs like Sony Vegas" can help you out. You don't have to buy all of this at once. A decent video camera will run you about 200$.. a decent webcam can run about 60$.. a mic, as I just mentioned, also can run about 60$. Bandicam.. a screen capturing program, runs about 30$ or so.

      Just make it a goal to buy one of those for the month. Make baby steps. Subscribers will come. Join contests, hold shout outs yourself.. talk to the people who comment AND BE NICE ABOUT IT including the haters.. Being a YouTube icon is more than that.. you see what Mark, Pewds, and Jack all do? They go to events like insomnia, and stuff to make them more real to the community. This really helps them too to have people interested in what they are doing. I have followed their example.. and I have worked my fingers to the bone. I post every day.. some days I don't sleep. I work and work for scraps.. but the thing is I WORK. I don't get paid for this, and this has got to be the hardest thing I have done.. it's mentally draining. It's really another form of acting honestly.

      You basically want to make sure you have the tools to start a channel. Yes.. you can simply upload a video and share it.. but times are evolving.. it's not that easy anymore.

      But give it a year, and you will see change. Me.. I have been around since October of 2015.. and I have worked my arse off so much I burnt myself out.. but the effort was finally rewarded.

      If you read all of this.. you deserve a cookie!