What Forums / Other Media Outlets Can Be Used To Advertise / Promote Your Channel More?

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    • What Forums / Other Media Outlets Can Be Used To Advertise / Promote Your Channel More?

      Hey guys!

      So as the title says, does anybody know any great forums or other media outlets that can be used to promote your channel? YouTube nowadays in itself is very hard to get noticed, you are one of the billion upon billions of channels out there, even if you do good S.E.O with tags and have a nice thumbnail it all counts but it's also very hard for people to find you.

      I used to use Reddit but the subreddits I used to use are now either dead / deleted, and subreddits like /r/Gaming do not take well to YouTuber's, so I never bother posting there. A lot of people think channel promote / advertising is very scumbag, but I disagree, I've come across some great channels with barely any viewers or subs through some guy / girl promoting their channel and I would have never found it without them promoting it somewhere!

      So yeah any good forums you guys can recommend? :)

      Thanks in advance!
    • i had the same thought when i started.

      for me i joined a youtube network that helps channels to grow, their is alot of network you can choose from:)

      i joined freedom for like 8 month ago and i had around 100 subs when i joined. after being active and friendly almost everyday at the forum i grew alot and the best part i meet so many new friends:)

      there i advertised alot since its allowed in specific areas:)

      hope it helps:)

    • Well dude here's the thing with advertising channels, if there is such place that allows channel advertisment, it's filled with people who will just post their channels from time to time, and little to none people who will check those channels out. I guess youtube just doesn't work like regular media, cause by advertising something you are generally left with what you started, nothing lost nothing gained, well for most of the times.

      So, just keep making videos and don't even pay attention to the numbers, ever. And if we are even going to pay attention to those, you've got 1000 subs after 4 months, so you don't really need advertisement, just patience.
    • CursingWithCurtis wrote:

      Thanks Duke,

      That was actually really insightful lol, I never thought of it that way before tbh =/

      I try not to pay too much attention to numbers, but sometimes I get a bit disheartened when I put my heart and soul into a video and it doesn't get any views =/
      well that's youtube dude, you can put a lot of work and get barely anything back, it all just needs a lot of time, that's why not paying attention to numbers EVER is by my rule book one of the most important rules as a starting out youtuber.
    • I'll throw in the probably most effective method (apart from viral stuff and so on), even if it's likely not what you're looking for:

      Just like with real products that have to pay for their ads to run on TV, you can also pay Google to "rent" some of their ad spaces to boost your channel a bit. You'd use Google AdWords for that, you have to pay real money though. I get 100$ coupons for that service every now and then asking me to sign up to receive them, so maybe keep a look out for that.
    • Well, there are some forums, but as everyone said, they are content creators themselves, and they are just as busy as you are with their channels, so it really doesn't help

      YouTube has become EXTREMELY difficult to be noticed, so just continue to work hard, play hard, edit hard, interact with those who comment (even those sub4subbers...yes...THOSE guys) and youll see results eventually.

      Been at this for 2 years, and it's still quite a struggle, but i haven't given up yet!
    • I own a forum called Promotion Era, which is about promoting anything (for now only websites), but it is still not very active and 95% of the community are webmasters. However, you are allowed to promote YouTube channels (no official section yet, post it in Website Promotion) and buy things such as links of your videos/channels and display it on the header of the forum, but I can't guarantee you success.

      Promoting on small communities won't hurt you, but at least it improves your channel a little bit.

      I am not sure if we are allowed to link back to a site, but you can find my forum by searching on Google "Promotion Era".
      Just another developer posting around. If you want to work with me, feel free to PM me. I am an expert on websites development, but I can do more than that. :thumbsup:

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