The Stupidest Games (with MERIT)

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    • The Stupidest Games (with MERIT)

      I am hunting for stupid or silly games to play. These would be games that are good for short videos. Stupid doesn't mean it must be bad, but just odd and unique. Something where at the end of that videos OR gameplay, the person sits back and goes...WTH did I just play?? This includes well made 'silly' games.

      Examples like:
      Videogame: The Game.
      Can Your Pet?
      Goat Simulator
      Any kind of awful Frozen dressup game...

      Do you bros have any recommendations? ^^
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    • well there are a few like
      -unfair mario
      -unfair sonic
      -pink hour
      -cat mario
      there are a couple of funny ones too like tea party simulator and smoking simulator its just a matter of looking around in the right places like gamejolt the one and only site for indie games or steam where in australia its almost 80 dollars for a 50 dollar steam card because of the steamstore being all in the us dollar.