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    • Some topics

      Before I start with this post, I just want to say that this is not meant to be an attack (in case someone sees it like that)

      There are topics that are sensitive to users and we know that they can cause arguments/heated discussions about "which [e.g. religion] is better" and the like. Granted, there is a rule in place that says not to speak about those sorts of topics, but I think that there is another topic that should be considered and talked about with respect to some users here, and that is the topic of war. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "ban war talk. it's an abomination to the site". I'm just saying that talking about it seems a bit on the dodgy side, as everyone has a very different opinion about the topic. When people first talk about war in the basic sense, some people might rock up and start saying "numbers make for a better fight", and that what can cause a slight argument. Yesterday, the topic came up in the chat, and some of us moved out of one chat to another because the topic made us feel uneasy, especially because it seemed like a heated up argument that's been hidden under the carpet for too long. Sure, some people might say that the people who left the chat due to the topic are "oversensitive", but if a topic made someone feel uneasy enough to move out of a chat, then there's a slight problem. Some users may have had a friend/family member serving for their country and lost their life, and by talking about this sort of topic, it can bring back painful memories to that individual. We're all anonymous people behind a username and we don't know how people will react to certain topics.

      I'll make a final point. I'm not saying ban talk about war. I'm just asking that people take into consideration that some people may feel uneasy about the topic due to certain circumstances.
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    • I do get what you're trying to say. Most of us aren't here to hurt other people. But then again, if we would be constantly afraid to hurt people with topics, we couldn't talk about anything. To my knowledge, it was a respectful talk and there wasn't any disrespect towards the casualties of war. Also, if you're offended by a topic by any means you can always address it. If we don't know we're hurting people with a certain topic at that moment, we can't really consider it.

      War isn't a nice topic, I get that. Then again, it wasn't meant to offend people who have experienced it. Discussions about religions are forbidden because they will almost always lead to heated fights. That doesn't mean we cannot talk about topics in which we can all have a different opinion.

      I hope you're not angry at us for addressing the topic; you know we mean well :)
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    • I agree. I'll be honest, I wasn't paying attention to the topic as it doesn't really catch my fancy in the slightest. From the parts I did get, it was a respected talk for the most part. In the other parts, it seemed like a flame war in the making, particularly when countries were named.

      With regards to getting angry, I don't feel like that because it was addressed. It's more of a case of "look guys, people here may have had people involved with war so proceed with caution" in case people did get offended. Agreed, those individuals should say if the topic is making them feel weird. With that, we know that some other users might have said "grow up and stop being a baby" or something along those lines.

      In addition, I agree with the fact there would be nothing to talk about if everything was considered offensive. Probably wouldn't have the forums and chat to go to.
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

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