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  • PewDiePie Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    A while back Pewds told us that he was going to be featured on South Park playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I'm not sure if it was a bit before or a bit after that video was uploaded, but at some point he had a video of the actual gameplay he did. However, I cannot find that video anymore. I was hoping someone could tell me if that video got deleted or what happened to it?

    I remember there was a part where he made a joke about one of the soldiers vibrating during the funeral and Kevin Spacey's character having dead eyes. I also remember him repeatedly going through the part in Japan and how one of the people kept dying with their legs splayed open was amusing to him. He had some difficulties dodging the cars during the part in Africa and I think he shot the president during the simulation. I also think he made a disclaimer during the video that he would be replaying many parts of the game over and over so that South Park would have a lot of versions to pick from. (They are probably out of chronological order, but hopefully these details will help someone remember the video)

    PLEASE help me if you know anything! I found that video super funny and I have no idea what happend to it!
  • I don't know, it seems weird shit keeps constantly happening to his videos. But, you need to realize that you posted this in the wrong section. This is the user introductions section, and this thread belongs in the help section.
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