BROFIST sound anywhere?

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    • BROFIST sound anywhere?

      Hey bros, I was looking for a video where pewdiepie yells "BROFIST!" with no music or anything behind it for a soundboard I'm making.
      I've looked through his videos but can't find anything like it. Could someone please link a video where he yells brofist?
      Thanks, and sorry if this isn't the right spot to post it (I'm a new bro XD)
    • When I wanted to take sound from a part of a video, I downloaded the video using Convertisseur YouTube vers mp3, opened the file in Audacity, looked for the sound I wanted, and deleted everything else. You'd have to do the same but find a video where he says what you want.
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    • Hmm... I may be not of help but at least hear me out. Watching Pewdiepie's videos for years now and making a video about Pewdiepie myself, I came up with these conclusions:
      1) Yes he does scream and yell but only because of jumpscares. I haven't heard him scream out "Brofist!", nor he does yell when he says "Here's comes the brofist." at the end of most videos.
      2) 95% of the brofist outro he says "Mwahaaaaa!, 2% he says "Stay awesome bros", 1% he doesn't say anything, 1% random noises and 1% he says but not yells "Brofist", ex. .
      3) In his old videos most gameplays are cutted out and he didn't have an "official" outro but on early FridaysWithPewdiepie it was of him mostly saying "Bye!". Only after exactly a year after the brofist became his thing:
      4) Sadly imo all of them, including the 1% of him just saying Brofist, have background music EXCEPT on rare occasions he forgot to do an outro, ex:

      (but still here he just mentions the brofist not yell it.)

      Hope you can find what you're looking :thumbup: :brofist: