You're Thrown Into A Horror Game...

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    • You're Thrown Into A Horror Game...

      So you're thrown into a horror game, I have created a situation based on your traits and your traits alone, so how screwed are you? Don't get mad at me just see what you get and maybe you'll survive...

      Birthday Month as Horror Game
      B-Day as Weapon 13. Taser 26. Bow + Arrows
      Jan- Dead Rising1.Knife
      14. Shotgun 27. Ax
      Feb- Ju-On: The Grudge2. Boxing Gloves 15. Chair 28. Rocket Launcher
      Mar- Slender 3. Chain 16. Silverware29. Bowling Ball
      Apr- Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Push Lawnmower17. Desktop Computer30. Dynamite
      May- Silent Hill5. Pistol18. Plates 31. Butcher Knife
      Jun- Resident Evil6. Chainsaw 19. Sword
      Jul- Amnesia: The Dark Descent 7. Book20. Radio
      Aug- Dead Space8. Cellphone21. Spear
      Sept- The Evil Within9. Lamp 22. Mace
      October-Siren:Blood Curse10. Camera23. Katana
      Nov-Outlast11. Crowbar24. Grenades
      Dec- Alien Isolation12. High Heels25. Cactus

      Color of Shirt for PartnerEye Color for Transportation
      Red- Best FriendBlue- Car
      Blue- Sister/BrotherGreen-Bike
      Green- DogBrown-Motorcycle
      Yellow- Boyfriend/GirlfriendHazel-On Foot
      Black- Dad
      Striped- Pewdiepie
      Other- Main character of last video game you played

      So let me know what you got in the comments ^^ For me today I am thrown into the horror game, Siren:Blood Curse, my weapon is a cellphone (fantastic), my partner is my mom, and my transportation is a motorcycle.

      We are the fortunate ones that never faced oppression's gun
    • Five Nights at Freddy's
      with a katana (fuck. yes.)
      accompanied by PewDiePie (bet I'll probably ditch him, can't handle excessive screaming)
      with a car.

      I don't need the car, really. I can stick that katana up someone's face, hue.

      fun fact: I also did it for a friend of mine. His results are more than interesting.

      Five Nights at Freddy's
      with a desktop computer
      accompanied by Professor Layton
      by car.

      I think he'll reprogram every single animatronic there is, then let them get tea or something.
      Also, the color of his shirt was purple. Coincidence?
    • Outlast =O
      Katana :D
      Other (Naruto) 8o
      Motorcycle ^^

      I'll ask Naruto to do clones with katanas too, go on sage mode and detect every zombie, ask him to rasengan the walls of the building so I can escape from there with a motorcycle. Chance of survival: 80% - 90% (unless I immediately see a zombie and faint)
    • The Evil Within
      Best Friend

      I'm not sure what The Evil Within is about. If it has zombies, I'm kinda screwed since tasers don't really work on zombies. My best friend is an old war vet, maybe he could figure out a way for us to escape, or make a weapon. We would likely just try burning rubber out of there.
    • Slender

      Welp, I can have Onee-chan be badass and with the radio and a motorcycle, escape Slender. Or this can be an anime Slender and I'll go all Weeaboo on him and signal Onee-chan with my radio and bring Slender home with a motorcycle. All these possibilities

      私の名前は柊 シノアです。

      あたしはアニメが好き 。

    • My sister wanted me to do one for her! xD
      Five Nights At Freddy's
      Boxing Gloves for weapons (welp... shes screwed.... lol)
      PewDiePie as partner (hahaha screaming all night long... TOTALLY a way to survive..)
      Motorcycle for transportation. (Dude... she can barely ride her bike... shes fucked.)
      Drunk Security Guards - YouTube


      this video is just too perfect XD