Is The Media Reliable And Is It Changing Us?

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    • Is The Media Reliable And Is It Changing Us?

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      Hey guys, this is actually my first thread, so feel free to leave some feedback in my page.

      I was just looking at a list from a site I really like and got intrigued by it:
      10 Delicious Ways People Trolled The News Media - Listverse

      So, I wanted to ask you two (or many more) questions:
      Are we relying to much on the media? Is it corrupt to the point we can't believe in it? Is it censored?
      Is media changing the way we think? We see things? Is media turning unacceptable things more acceptable, somehow? Is it all down to celebrities? Has media gone too far in the losing weight discussion?

      I'd like to see your opinions on modern media. ^^
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    • It does seem like more and more these days, people have their choice of where they want to get their sources, and what they want to believe in, because many media sources of the same story can either be the same exact article over and over, and others can provide a different view or opinion on the matter.

      I hope it's teaching people that we should be more careful and research more on a matter rather than jumping to conclusions, because KONY 2012 was something that reached millions of people, because people failed to research the matter before making a conclusion about it. Many places besides media do the same effect, much like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Tumblr is a big one, you'll see posts of an article of some child that was missing, or an animal being abused, when the missing persons case was from AGES ago, and isn't relevant anymore. People are too quick to judge these days, we should rely on the media to get information, but we need to choose how we receive the information, wait, or research on it before any REAL opinion is made.

      Then again, major media sources do censor what they want you to see, so it's up to the individual once again. It's difficult to have opinions on certain matters until there is actual evidence of something.