Anti-Gravity Cartwheel BOX [Dev Log]

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    • Anti-Gravity Cartwheel BOX [Dev Log]

      Hi bros after 6 months of practice I am finally making my first game!


      Name: Anti-Gravity Carthwheel BOX!
      Genre: Action/Psycological Horror (infinite runner)
      Platforms: Android (then iOS, then WIndows)
      Price: Free

      "Probably a fun an exciting game I guess..." - Some guy on the street

      "A bit weird" - A close acquaintance

      "Please leave me alone" - The same guy from before

      -Spikey spikes (no seriously our patent always pending spikes use some sought of Trigonometry & Pythagoras gibberish to urghh... calculate spikyness)*
      -No Dancing but all Cartwheeling BOX capable of some kind of Anti-Gravity Inter-Dimensional Matter-shifting and whatever other fancy phrases that contain a hyphen magics
      -Support for Military Grade Flight Simulator Airbus C295 FFS**
      -An advanced derogatory AI to enhance test subjects determination

      Automatically Cartwheel
      Tap to Jump (hold to Speed up)
      Dodge the Spikes

      You are one of the many experiemental "TEST SUBJECTS" that must guide the path of an experimental 'anti-gravity' cartwheeling box on a mission to unravel the worlds most mysterious secrets and unlock its own true potential!

      Upcoming Features:
      -More prototype AGC Boxs
      -TEST SUBJECT leaderboards
      -Boxes explode in a shower of blood (possibly)
      & MORE (maybe)

      Foot notes;
      *Probably I don't know
      **This might be some sought of fabrication

      I'm not qualified to be writing this description I didn't think they would even actually pick me.
      My Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Basingstoke isn't even legit...

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