How do you handle stress to do with education and interviews?

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    • How do you handle stress to do with education and interviews?

      In some places, this is the time of year where students start taking their final exams before leaving school/college. Sometimes, you don't always get the result you needed to get onto a certain course, so you might be forced to retake that exam to get that qualification. Unfortunately for some people (including myself), the English Language exam was one of those, and we have our exam in a week and a half.

      So, I was wondering what the best advice you could give any person you know who is taking an test/exam/interview, or just in general.
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    • Firstly, try to stay away from everything that further stresses you and do what feels right. Give yourself some time and talk to people if it makes you better. Or well, do what does make you feel better. That will help not being too stressed about it. From experience I know that if your worries get out of control you'd start feeling trapped and possibly be a bit meaner to people without intention.

      I'll be attending some final exams in a matter of 2 weeks as well and what I'm trying to do is stay around with people so I forget about all the stuff that worries me. I'm not saying to neglect the things you should be studying but find time for yourself as well. Good luck!
    • Do as much preparation as you can - read all of your notes, read a little bit around the subject if you can (so extra reading outside of your classwork) and take some mock exams/interviews. Plan what you want to cover each day and make sure you do it. As tempting as it is, try to stay away from social media, or restrict yourself to only a limited amount each day until the exam/test/interview has passed. But, importantly, don't overload yourself and cram in too much information - you will just get stressed and nothing will stick in your mind. For one of my first job interviews, I did an all-nighter to cram in as much info as I could, but I was then so stressed and exhausted at the interview that I couldn't answer a single question - I didn't get the job.
      If you do all the necessary work, then there's not much else anyone can ask of you. So don't panic about it. Don't revise any later than around 9pm the night before (although that might still be leaving it too late, earlier would be better). Relax that night, get plenty of sleep and have a hearty breakfast the next day. Then just remember that you can only do your best - if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world. I know no one likes to hear that, but looking back, not getting all of those As (or that one B *shakes fist*) wouldn't have ruined my life.

      EDIT: I forgot to add this :P IF you find yourself getting stressed, take a break from working - check e-mails, go for a walk, call a friend etc. Try some various relaxation techniques (I personally watch ASMR videos, but they only work for a small percentage of people). I agree with the person who suggested talking to someone about how you are feeling, it really does help. I have a particular friend that I rant to when things get tough, and it really helps. :) And, of course, PewDiePie videos are very helpful for relieving stress - he helped me through a major depressive episode 18 months ago :D

      Hope that helps - if not, sorry :P Good luck! :)

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