Survey about Procrastination

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    • Survey about Procrastination

      Have you procrastinated before? Did it made a positive/negative effect in your life? 4
        Yes, but it didn't made a positive/negative effect in my life. (2) 50%
        Yes, it made a negative effect in my life (2) 50%
        Yes, it made a positive effect in my life (0) 0%
        I never procrastinated before. (0) 0%
      Hi guys! I just want to conduct a survey on how many people have procrastinated before. I believe most of you guys do but I also wanna know if it made a positive/negative impact/effect in your life or no impact at all.

      If you took the survey and answered one of the first two 'yes', can you please tell me at least 3 positive/negative effects of procrastinating that you have experienced in the past. You can also share your stories of the times when you procrastinated and the effects of it.

      I am a procrastinator myself. I procrastinated too much that it became one of the reasons why my attitude and personality changed. Plus, it became a 'habit' in a way. It might sound ridiculous to you, but yes that happened to me. Procrastination made negative effects in my life. My image and attitude was ruined, I lack of discipline/self-discipline, and it caused unhappiness and guilt in my life. So, yeah.

      Thank you so much for your time and I hope you take this survey seriously.

      Have a good day everyone! :)
      ~Dash :)